World’s Tallest Digital Christmas Display at Paramount Miami Worldcenter Candy Cane, Santa’s Flying Sleigh, North Pole Elf Light-Up Miami Skyline

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MIAMI, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The World’s Tallest Digital Candy Cane, the World’s Tallest Flying Santa’s Sleigh, and the World’s Most-Enormous Electronic Elf are lighting-up the South Florida skyline for Christmas, at the 60-story Paramount Miami Worldcenter skyscraper, in downtown Miami.

City’s Soaring Signature Skyscraper Celebrates Christmas

The 700-foot-tall Paramount Miami Worldcenter is the “Magic City’s” soaring signature skyscraper.

It features the world’s most technologically-advanced L.E.D. animation system.

Starting December 23 through December 26, the Paramount tower illuminates every morning before dawn and from sunset through midnight.

Beacon of Belief

“The Paramount Miami Worldcenter tower lighting is a gleaming celebration of holiday joy,” says Daniel Kodsi (Cod-See), CEO of the Royal Palm Companies real estate firm. It is the developer of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

He continues, “During these challenging times we are reminded of the power of light over darkness.”


Encircling the Paramount superstructure are swirling L.E.D red and white peppermint candy cane stripes.

Streaking across the skyscraper’s 700-foot-tall by 300-foot-wide rooftop crown is Santa’s reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Through Paramount’s 60-story center column is a massive “Merry Christmas” holiday greeting.

The building then transitions into the animated image of a North Pole Elf sprinkling sparkling snowflakes over the “Magic City.”

Paramount Miami Worldcenter is as tall as two-and-half football fields, if stacked vertically.

World’s Most-Advanced Lighting System

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter skyscraper is built with 16,000 L.E.D.’s (light emitting diodes) embedded in 10,000 panes of high impact-resistant glass.

The $3-million Color Kinetics animation lighting system can create a combination of 16.2-million colors.

It took three years for a team of 12 technicians to install the system.

It was designed by Gavin Cooper, CEO of L.E.D. Smith, Inc. of West Palm Beach, Fla.

His work is featured on bridges and buildings, worldwide.

They include the Empire State Building.

Miami’s Soaring Signature Skyscraper

Paramount is the soaring signature residential skyscraper of the $4-billion, 27-acre Miami Worldcenter.

It is currently America’s largest urban core construction project and the nation’s second-largest real estate development.

Miami Worldcenter is the city’s new retail, residential, entertainment, hospitality, and transportation complex.

Paramount is considered the most heavily-amenitized residential tower in the U.S.

Tower Lighting Schedule

December 23, 2022 – December 26, 2022
5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. | 5:30 p.m. – Midnight
10-Minute Durations Top & Bottom of Every Hour


Paramount Miami Worldcenter | 851 NE First Avenue | Miami, Florida | 33132

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