Global Specialty PACS Market Analysis to 2029 - Rising Investments in Medical Imaging Drives Growth

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The specialty PACS market size is estimated to be USD 2.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 8.62% during the forecast period 2022-2029.

The growing geriatric population and consequent increase in the incidence of various diseases, benefits associated with specialty PACS, government efforts boost the acceptance of healthcare IT solutions, rising investments in medical imaging, increased adoption of medical imaging IT solutions, and expanding use of imaging equipment are some of the key drivers for the market growth. However, budgeting restrictions are expected to restrain the market growth.

By Type

Based on type, the market is categorized into radiology PACS, ophthalmology PACS, endoscopy PACS, oncology PACS, orthopaedics PACS, women's health PACS, pathology PACS, dermatology PACS, neurology PACS, and others. In 2021, the ophthalmology PACS segment accounted for the highest revenue share due to the increase in the number of eye procedures, the rising incidence of eye problems and illnesses, and technical developments in ophthalmology equipment.

By Component

On the basis of component, the market is segregated into software, services, and hardware. In 2021, the software segment accounted for the highest revenue share owing to the ever rising volume of healthcare imaging.

By Deployment Model

Based on component, the market is bifurcated into cloud-based and on-premise. In 2021, the on-premise segment accounted for the highest revenue share due to the fact that on-premise solutions are more easily customised than web/cloud-based specialist PACS.

By End user

On the basis of end user, the market is categorized into ambulatory surgery centres, diagnostic imaging centres, hospitals, and others. In 2021, the hospitals segment accounted for the highest revenue share owing to the growing number of patients, fast expansion of EMR adoption, technical developments in imaging techniques, increasing understanding of the advantages of early illness detection, and growing patient data digitalization,

Regional Markets

In 2021, North America region accounted for the highest revenue in the laboratory information systems market and is expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. This is attributed to large economies of the United States and Canada have permitted large investments in new technologies, growth in biobanks, simple availability of LIMS products and services, and severe regulatory requirements across industries. Furthermore, rising investment in pharmaceutical research and development is hastening regional market expansion.

Competitor Insights

Some of the key players operating in the specialty PACS market are IBM Corporation (Merge Healthcare Incorporated) (US), McKesson Corporation (US), Agfa Healthcare (Belgium), Carestream Health (a part of Onex Corporation) (Canada), Philips Healthcare (Netherlands), Sectra AB (Sweden), Siemens Healthineers (Germany), Novarad (US), INFINITT North America (US), Intelerad Medical Systems (Canada), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Sonomed Escalon (US), Canon USA, Inc. (US) (a subsidiary of Canon Inc.), Visbion (UK), and EyePACS, LLC (US).

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Methodology

2. Introduction: Specialty PACS

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Drivers
4.2.Market Restraint
4.3.Market Opportunities
4.4.Market Trends
4.5.Market Challenges

5. Market Environment Analysis
5.1.Porter's 5 Forces Analysis
5.2.PESTEL Analysis
5.3.Value Chain Analysis
5.4.SWOT Analysis

6. COVID-19 Impact Analysis: Specialty PACS Market
6.1.COVID-19: Overview
6.2.COVID-19 Impact on the Global Market
6.3.COVID-19 Impact on the Regional Markets

7. Market Analysis by Type
7.1.Radiology PACS
7.1.1.Radiology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.2.Ophthalmology PACS7
7.2.1.Ophthalmology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.3.Endoscopy PACS
7.3.1.Endoscopy PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.4.Women's Health PACS
7.4.1.Women's Health PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.5.Oncology PACS
7.5.1.Oncology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.6.Orthopaedics PACS
7.6.1.Orthopaedics PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.7.Pathology PACS
7.7.1.Pathology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7..8. Dermatology PACS
7.7.2.Dermatology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.8.Neurology PACS
7.8.1.Neurology PACS Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.9.1.Others Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

8. Market Analysis by Component
8.1.1.Software Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
8.2.1.Services Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
8.3.1.Hardware Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

9. Market Analysis by Deployment Model
9.1.1.Cloud-based Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.2.1.On-premise Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

9. Market Analysis by End user
9.1.Ambulatory Surgery Centres
9.1.1.Ambulatory Surgery Centres Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.2.Diagnostic Imaging Centres
9.2.1.Diagnostic Imaging Centres Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.1.1.Hospitals Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.2.1.Others Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

10. Regional Market Analysis
10.1.Regional Market Trends
10.2.Regional Market: Comparative Analysis

11. North America Specialty PACS Market

12. Europe Specialty PACS Market

13. Asia Pacific Specialty PACS Market

14. Latin America Specialty PACS Market

15. MEA Specialty PACS Market

16. Competitor Analysis
16.1.Market Share Analysis, 2021 & 2029
16.2.Competitive Mapping
16.3.Key Players Market Place Analysis
16.4.Major Recent Developments

17. Company Profiles
17.1.IBM Corporation (Merge Healthcare Incorporated) (US)
17.1.1.Company Snapshot
17.1.2.Company Overview
17.1.4.Component Benchmarking
17.1.5.Recent Developments
17.2.McKesson Corporation (US)
17.2.1.Company Snapshot
17.2.2.Company Overview
17.2.4.Component Benchmarking
17.2.5.Recent Developments
17.3.Agfa Healthcare (Belgium)
17.3.1.Company Snapshot
17.3.2.Company Overview
17.3.4.Component Benchmarking
17.3.5.Recent Developments
17.4.Carestream Health (a part of Onex Corporation) (Canada)
17.4.1.Company Snapshot
17.4.2.Company Overview
17.4.4.Component Benchmarking
17.4.5.Recent Developments
17.5.Philips Healthcare (Netherlands)
17.5.1.Company Snapshot
17.5.2.Company Overview
17.5.4.Component Benchmarking
17.5.5.Recent Developments
17.6.Sectra AB (Sweden)
17.6.1.Company Snapshot
17.6.2.Company Overview
17.6.4.Component Benchmarking
17.6.5.Recent Developments
17.7.Siemens Healthineers (Germany)
17.7.1.Company Snapshot
17.7.2.Company Overview
17.7.4.Component Benchmarking
17.7.5.Recent Developments
17.8.Novarad (US)
17.8.1.Company Snapshot
17.8.2.Company Overview
17.8.4.Component Benchmarking
17.8.5.Recent Developments
17.9.INFINITT North America (US)
17.9.1.Company Snapshot
17.9.2.Company Overview
17.9.4.Component Benchmarking
17.9.5.Recent Developments
17.10.Intelerad Medical Systems (Canada)
17.10.1.Company Snapshot
17.10.2.Company Overview
17.10.4.Component Benchmarking
17.10.5.Recent Developments
17.11. Topcon Corporation (Japan)
17.11.1.Company Snapshot
17.11.2.Company Overview
17.11.4.Component Benchmarking
17.11.5.Recent Developments
17.12.Sonomed Escalon (US)
17.12.1.Company Snapshot
17.12.2.Company Overview
17.12.4.Component Benchmarking
17.12.5.Recent Developments
17.13.Canon USA, Inc. (US)
17.13.1.Company Snapshot
17.13.2.Company Overview
17.13.4.Component Benchmarking
17.13.5.Recent Developments
17.14.Visbion (UK)
17.14.1.Company Snapshot
17.14.2.Company Overview
17.14.4.Component Benchmarking
17.14.5.Recent Developments
17.15. EyePACS, LLC (US)
17.15.1.Company Snapshot
17.15.2.Company Overview
17.15.4.Component Benchmarking
17.15.5.Recent Developments
17.16.Others Prominent Players

18. Conclusion & Recommendations

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