Brightway launches new micro-mobility solutions at CES 2023 to redefine the urban commute

Suzhou, China, Dec. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brightway, a leading micro-mobility technology company, has launched its latest innovations at CES 2023. The NAVEE V-series electric scooters, the NAVEE E-bike, and the NAVEE Sharing Scooter meet commuters’ demand for compact and reliable ways to navigate urban roadways. Attendees of CES 2023 are welcome to visit Brightway’s booth, located at #55055 in the Venetian Expo, to experience these exciting products first-hand.


NAVEE V40, V40 Pro, V65 and V80 E-Scooters


NAVEE’s V-series E-scooters incorporates cutting-edge technology that increases safety, performance and comfort for riders. Engineered with portability in mind, their sleek, stylish frame trims unnecessary bulk and weight. Take the V40 Pro as an example. In its collapsed position, the scooter shrinks to just 15% of its original size, enabling it to fit inside tight spaces, such as car trucks or on a busy bus.


Though lightweight and compact, the NAVEE V-series scooters pack big power. Equipped with high-capacity batteries, they last between 40km (V40) and 80km (V80) on a single charge, more than enough for a daily commute or weekend ride in the city thanks to their shock-absorbent 10-inch wheels that roll over bumps with ease. Among the lineup, the V80 stands out with its 10.5-inch off-road wide tires and support for charging through a USB-C port.


Safety is the priority of all NAVEE products. The V-series’ EABS and disc brake system give riders total control over their movements. Moreover, ultra-bright 1.8W brake lights raise awareness for other commuters. And because the scooters are IP55 certified, puddles and dirt won’t affect their operations.


The NAVEE V-series scooters will be available in January 2023.


NAVEE E-bike


The NAVEE E-bike is NAVEE’s first E-bike with an unique style. Built on a lightweight, ergonomic aluminum frame, the NAVEE E-bike has an adjustable seat post for greater comfort. Its Shimano gear shifters smoothly transition between speed settings, and its hydraulic front and rear disc brakes guarantee a safe stop.


Driven by a powerful BAFANG 250W hub motor, the NAVEE E-bike reaches a top assisted speed of 20mph. Its built-in BAFANG torque sensors and an advanced BAFANG control system send real-time performance data to the handlebars’ embedded display and the smartphone app, keeping the rider informed without an expensive bike computer.


The NAVEE E-bike sources high-quality LG batteries that deliver consistent power output, ensuring that it retains its ultra-long 80km range after multiple charge cycles.


The NAVEE E-bikes will be available in March 2023.


NAVEE Sharing Scooter


Commuters in urban centers need an agile, reliable and sustainable way to traverse the busy city streets. E-scooters are an excellent solution to meet that demand. Understanding this, the NAVEE Sharing Scooter is NAVEE’s first product for scooter-sharing systems.


The NAVEE Sharing Scooter excels in comfort and reliability. This mission starts where the rubber meets the road; the scooter features premium PU tires that are durable and shock-absorbent. A dual-fork front suspension system further dampens the vibrations from the large 12-inch front wheel as it cuts through rough terrain.


The scooter’s frame is constructed using a unique welding technique that vastly extends its service life and enhances safety. And with an IPX7 water-resistance rating, the Sharing Scooter can carry you through rain or shine.


Moreover, by adopting a modular system for the lights, kickstand, mudguard and other common points of failure, the Sharing Scooter minimizes downtime caused by maintenance and repairs, increasing availability for riders. Charging is another significant impediment to service, which is why the Sharing Scooter supports quick charging and replaceable batteries to keep it running.


The NAVEE sharing scooter will be available in April 2023.


About Brightway

Founded in 2020, Suzhou Brightway Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd is dedicated to breaking down technology barriers and offering smart, practical and comfortable micro-mobility products to the global market. Equipped with advanced technology and strong R&D capabilities, Brightway has developed a robust product portfolio of E-scooters and E-bikes in just two years. The mid-range NAVEE N65 E-scooter was particularly favored for its reliability and compact double rotation folding design. Building on its success, NAVEE debuted the high-performance S-series E-scooters in May 2022 with the S65 leading the lineup. Equipped with front and rear suspensions and an innovative geared motors system, the S65 became an instant hit, earning high praise from technology experts and media for its unrivalled comfort and exceptional power.

Today, Brightway products are being sold in North America and Europe. To better service its customers, it has established customer service centers worldwide. In the future, Brightway will continue to evolve, experimenting with new ideas and developing fresh perspectives to expand the scope of our product offering, diversify our services, and improve overall efficiency.

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