AFP Crecer Features Proto Holograms at Innovation Week Conference

For its annual conference with the theme “Reimagining the Future,” the leading pension fund administrator and insurance company made holoportation history, beaming speakers from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and the U.S. for live, interactive talks

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Dec. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the AFP Crecer Innovation Week, employees and allies (covering the firms AFP Crecer, Seguros Crecer and Banesco Seguros) were able to meet with experts and innovators who are transforming their companies, the market, or the world. Five of the speakers were beamed to speak via Proto hologram so that they could interact with the audience in 4K RealPresence, in real time, even though they were physically thousands of miles away. This was the first time Proto holoportation has been used to beam speakers from multiple continents for the same event.

The goal of the conference, with its theme, “Reimagining the Future,” is to provide inspiration and tools to accelerate the adoption of an agile and innovative organizational structure.  The speakers included: Jorge Lerdo de Tejada, futurist, beaming in from Mexico to talk about The Power of the Future; Alejandro Melamed, future job expert, beaming in from Argentina to talk about The Future of Work; Vicky Ricuarte, educational entrepreneur, beaming in from Colombia to talk about The Future of Education;, economist, beaming in from Ithaca, New York to talk about The Future of Money; and Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll, research scientist, beaming in from Spain to talk about The Quantum Future.

“Truly speaking to our theme about the future, our teams in Santo Domingo were able to converse with these great minds just as if they were in the same room with us,” said Carlos Barranco, Director of Innovation at AFP Crecer. “Holoportation via Proto gave us exactly what we needed—meaningful exchanges of ideas and inspiration without boundaries.” 

“When we bring people together through holoportation, we know they’re going to connect in real ways,” said David Nussbaum, CEO and Inventor of Proto Inc. “We are especially proud to have worked with APF Crece on their ambitious event this week not just because it beamed people from three continents and five countries into the Proto Epic, but also because the Innovation Week theme of Remininaging the Future is exactly what we work to do everyday.”

Proto will be honored at CES 2023 in the field of "Digital Health" and is already in use by companies such as Walmart, Verizon, AT&T, CBS Sports, and the Dallas Cowboys. Celebrities who have used Proto include the King of Bachata, Romeo Santos, and Major League Baseball's Albert Pujols, as well as Usain Bolt, Howie Mandel, Ellen DeGeneres and P. Diddy. 

Proto has recently launched a Latin American arm with offices in Mexico City and Bogota, led by veteran marketer Fernando Anzures. For more information contact

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