2022 IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template


Dublin, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The " IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template - Platinum Edition" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The latest version of the IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template now includes full job descriptions for the Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Officer (small enterprise), Chief Digital Officer and the Digital Brand Manager. In addition, it is provided in three formats: MS WORD, pdf, and ePub (eReader).

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template - With the explosion of technology into every facet of the day-to-day business environment there is a need to define an effective infrastructure to support the operating environment; have a strategy for the deployment and technology; and clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities for the use and application of technology.

In most industries today, CEOs need a CIO who can be a true business partner, someone who can not only drive out costs from day-to-day operations, but strategically manage IT to enhance revenue and profits.

If the CIO is stuck in tunnel vision they may be scrambling to buy and implement one application after another and execute on programs and projects without a clear sense of strategic priorities; wasting resources on applications and projects that are redundant, and carefully depreciating hardware to keep the accountants happy.

The IT environment is too complex to rely on outmoded ways to keep the business functioning and thriving flawlessly. To balance the many crucial and changing enterprise demands to move the organization forward, an IT governance process is required. This increases risks in expectations of IT - the growth of the Internet, compliance concerns, mobile computing and advanced security risks - as reasons for the critical need for IT governance. Instituting a governance process can serve as a catalyst that can effectively bring together the dynamics of cross-enterprise communication and summarize key, relevant data to provide critical metrics to make informed decisions.

An Essential Strategic Advantage for Your IT Team

Implementing a cost effective IT Infrastructure that aligns with your organization's business strategy is essential to ensuring the success of the Information Technology function. For many IT professionals, the amount of time it takes to develop and implement such an infrastructure, and the unknown process required to complete it, makes infrastructure design and implementation a daunting task. The IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template draws on the experiences of some of the best IT and business operations executives in the industry to provide you with the right shortcuts.

Market and technology dynamics require that companies successfully anticipate the pendulum that swings between cost reduction to resource productivity and innovation. The transition from economic contraction to stabilization, recovery and growth will change the enterprise's strategic outlook, presenting tough decisions and new opportunities. As the pendulum swings back towards innovation, the CIO must become a visionary portfolio manager who skillfully controls three major asset classes: applications, intellectual capital, and financial capital. Managing this portfolio properly will transform IT into a streamlined revenue and profit center.

The size of enterprise impacts the cost of IT as the percentage of revenue is greatest in small enterprise (less than $100 million in revenue) and lest in large enterprises, those with revenues over $1 billion. Also infrastructure and budget vary by industry.

The template comes as a WORD document utilizing a CSS style sheet that is easily modifiable, pdf file, and and ePub file.

Included with the template are a HIPAA Audit Program Guide and an ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Security Process Audit Checklist. The Template is over 130 pages in length (the full table of contents can be downloaded by clicking on the link above). Also included are all of the information, forms, and policies in the Internet, PDA, SmartPhone and PC Workstation HandiGuideT which was obsoleted in November of 2018.

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template - Platnium Edition includes MS WORD formatted:

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template - Gold Edition
  • Full set of IT and Internet Job Descriptions

Now Includes IT Job Family Classification and key job descriptions and new eReader format

IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template - Gold Edition includes MS WORD formatted:

  • IT Governance Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template
  • IT Infrastructure Electronic Forms
  • IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle

2022 Edition includes

  • Updated attached job descriptions to 2022 versions
  • Updated attached electronic forms to 2022 versions
  • Updated survey data to 2022 survey results includes WFH KPI Metrics data

To support the process the IT Governance offering includes these ten (10) full job descriptions:

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Information Officer (small enterprise)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Mobility Officer (CMO)
  • Digital Brand Manager

Manage Critical Steps in Infrastructure Definition

IT JobFamilies Defining Your Optimal IT Infrastructure is a critical task that can no longer wait with all of the changes mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley and changes to your operating environment. The template helps you:

  • Understand and explain what infrastructure is, enabling you, your constituents, and the executive team to manage the organization's technology environment more effectively.
  • Analyze the current state of your infrastructure so you know where it works well and where to focus improvement efforts.
  • Justify infrastructure spending, using the template's comprehensive definitions and ready to use examples to link IT infrastructure and your company's bottom line.
  • Prioritize your resources with a prescriptive too-set that lets you focus your efforts.

Key Topics Covered:

1. IT Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Summary

  • Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management
  • Base Assumptions and Objectives
  • Scope and Applicability
  • Operating Philosophy
  • Compliance
  • International Organization for Standardization

2. Strategy and Charter Statement of Authority

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Functional IT Group Heads
  • IT Management Council
  • Users

3. IT Management Structure

  • Organizational Approach
  • [Enterprise] IT Group
  • [Enterprise] IT Resources
  • Functional IT Groups

4. Compliance

  • Objective
  • Responsibilities
  • CIO
  • IT Management Council
  • Functional IT Heads
  • Users
  • Auditors

5. IT Job Family Classification

  • Structure

6. Personnel Practices

  • Formal Job Descriptions
  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Training
  • [Enterprise] Staff
  • Contractor Personnel

7. ERP and OMNI Commerce

  • Strategy
  • Top 10 Best Practices for OMNI Commerce Implementation

8. Controls

  • Types of Controls
  • Risks
  • Controls Standards
  • Logging and Audit Trails

9. Application Development Standards

10. Sammy

  • Quality Assurance Process

11. Service Requests

  • Policies
  • Process
  • Service Request Management
  • Equipment/Service Request
  • Problem Resolution Process

12. Local Area Networks (LANS)

  • Features
  • LAN Standards
  • LAN Councils and Workgroups

13. Backup & Recovery

  • Frequency Guidelines
  • Data Storage and Media Protection
  • Backup Program and Schedule

14. Disaster Recovery Plan

  • DRP Description
  • Critical Function Analysis
  • DRP Procedures for Critical Data
  • Backup Criteria
  • Backup Procedures
  • Storage Criteria
  • Business Recovery Procedures
  • Requirements for Recovery
  • Recovery Guidelines
  • Restoring Damaged Equipment
  • Recovery Management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Planning Activities

15. Security

  • IT Processing Area Classification
  • Classification Categories
  • Work Stations and Remote Terminals
  • Systems Security
  • Staff Member Security
  • Responsibilities
  • User Sensitive Positions
  • Network Security
  • Responsibilities
  • Violation Reporting and Follow-Up

16. Access Control - Physical Site

  • Separation of Duties
  • Least Privilege
  • Access Areas
  • Definitions of IT Access Control Zones
  • Responsibilities
  • Badges
  • Access Control Methods
  • Levels of Access Authority
  • Protection of Supporting Utilities
  • Resource Protection

17. Access Control - Software and Data

  • Resources to Be Protected
  • Basic Standards
  • Classification Of Data, Software, And Documentation
  • Access from Other Facilities
  • Authorization Verification

18. Facility Requirements

  • Physical Plan Considerations
  • Fire
  • Power
  • Air Conditioning

19. Other Technical Guides

20. Appendix

  • CIO and CTO Expanded Roles
  • HIPAA Audit Program Guide
  • ISO 27001 & 27002 Security Process Audit Checklist
  • Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 Compliance Checklist
    • CIO Job Description
    • CIO Job Description (small enterprise)
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Chief Mobility Officer
    • Chief Security Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Digital Brand Manager
  • What's News

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