Watch the Drama Unfold in the US Congress on C-SPAN, with Level News

Level News Offers 10 News Channels, Including C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, C-SPAN3, and NewsNation

CORTE MADERA, Calif., Jan. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Viewers who want to see all the action and drama unfold on the floor of the US House of Representatives can watch it live on C-SPAN with a new streaming TV service, Level News, a service of Suppose TV LLC. For $5.99 per month, subscribers get access to ten news channels, covering US news, international news, and business news. Level News offers a 7-day free trial.

For the first time outside cable or a large TV bundle, Level News offers C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, and C-SPAN3. C-SPAN channels offer unfiltered and unbiased coverage of congressional events, White House communications, and other important public affairs events.

For analysis of Congressional events, Level News includes NewsNation, which has until now only been available in large TV bundles. NewsNation’s popular nightly news programs include Banfield, Cuomo, and Dan Abrams Live.

And for an international perspective, Level News provides three 24-hour international news channels – France 24, NHK World Japan, and Euronews.

Level News provides affordable access to high-quality, balanced perspectives. It is a service of Suppose TV LLC.

“C-SPAN’s live coverage has historically been available on cable and satellite TV services, but only about half the US households subscribe to traditional pay TV services,” says co-founder John Tantum. “Level News gives ‘cord cutters’ access to C-SPAN and its coverage of events like the selection process for the new House speaker.”

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