The hidden history of motivating social change in TVO Original Truth & Lies

Premiering January 17, this six-part series examines key moments where facts have been distorted by the powerful

Toronto, ON, Jan. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- How does manipulating the truth serve people in power? The new TVO Original series Truth & Lies details recent and historical events where facts have been intentionally distorted to achieve influence and control. The six-part series premieres Tuesdays at  9 pm ET starting January 17, 2023, on TVO and will stream anytime afterward on TVO Today, YouTube, smart TV services and the TVO Today mobile app.

“While it’s tempting to consider the world of ‘alternative facts’ as a recent invention, Truth & Lies demonstrates the many instances where powerful figures have twisted the truth to serve themselves,” says John Ferri, VP of Programming and Content at TVO. “This series is refreshingly faithful to the facts and illuminating in its ability to connect our current society with key moments in history.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned while creating Truth & Lies, it’s that what appears to be ‘totally unprecedented’ is often as old as human civilization itself," says Truth & Lies showrunner Lewis Cohen. “Whether it’s conspiracy theories emerging in medieval England, the fog of war descending on ancient Egypt, tabloid sex scandals in 18th century France, or the ultra-wealthy populist who killed Rome’s burgeoning democracy, this series exposes how the past is prelude to today’s biggest distortions and lies.”

Each episode of Truth & Lies unpacks the fascinating—and often infuriating—details of history’s greatest deceits, from falsifying justifications for war to spreading conspiracy theories to engaging in scandalous corruption. 

Episode 1: “Conspiracy” (premieres Jan. 17, 2023)
Conspiracy theories feed on insecurity and have the potential for incredible destruction.  

Episode 2: “Weapons of War” (premieres Jan. 24, 2023)
Truth is often the first casualty of war, and propaganda is the liar’s greatest ally.

Episode 3: “Scandals” (premieres Jan. 31, 2023)
What can scandals tell us about ourselves? How do they impact our social norms?

Episode 4: “The Power of Money” (premieres Feb. 07, 2023)
With enough money, anything is possible—even turning a lie into something like the truth.

Episode 5: “The Politics of Religion” (premieres Feb. 14, 2023)
Religion can be a reliable tool to brandish political power. Who has used it in the past?

Episode 6: “Influencers” (premieres Feb. 21, 2023)
From apostles to ad men, influencers prove just how fluid and fragile the truth can be.

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