Tutors International Commences Search for Specialist Tutor/Mentor for Student in Sweden

Elite residential private tutoring specialists, Tutors International, announces its latest tutoring job vacancy for a fluent Swedish private tutor and mentor with musical ability for a 16-year old boy in Sweden.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is a world leader in full-time private tuition. They specialise in sourcing the perfect tutor for each of their clients by conducting a completely personalised global recruitment process that accommodates the exact requirements of each client. This ensures that Tutors International finds not only a world-class tutor but one who perfectly aligns with the lifestyle, attitudes, values and ideas of each family and their child(ren).

Tutors International has recently launched the custom recruitment process for their latest tutoring job (ref: SWE 0123). They are searching for a fluent Swedish teacher, with musical ability, for a support role as a Tutor/Mentor for a 16-year-old boy.

Starting as soon as possible, this specialist role will take place predominantly in between Oslo and Stockholm, Sweden. Fluency in Swedish as well as English is imperative and a strong musical ability in voice or an instrument is also highly desirable. Although less than a typical full-time role, this is being offered as full-time to ensure that the successful candidate is fully available for the required flexibility and commute.


The young man (16) is a lively, very intelligent and ambitious young man. He is a natural linguist, with well-developed German, English and Swedish. He was educated in the German system until Grade 8, followed by Year 10 (Grade 9) in England where he studied a broad selection of IGCSE courses at a top-tier school, before continuing his education in Sweden.
Currently enrolled at a Swedish school, his favourite subjects are the sciences. He is a diligent student who generally enjoys learning, but as with many boys his age, he is still developing his time management skills and his ability to focus. He always strives for the highest possible grades; unfortunately fear of failure and exam anxiety sometimes hamper his results.
The student also displays a strong artistic flair, and he is very musical, playing the trumpet well and having a highly trained singing voice.
As well as music, he enjoys a variety of sports, including running, skiing and tennis. He also likes playing chess.


This will be a long-term role, working after school and at weekends to support the student in his schooling. The principal focus will be ensuring the student's written Swedish is as fluent and proficient as his spoken Swedish. As such, the Tutor will need to be a native or fluent Swedish speaker. Experience with the Swedish curriculum would also be highly desirable.
The young man's talent for music should not be underestimated. He has enormous potential, and it is essential that music - for the fun alone - be a central skill of the Tutor. The ideal Tutor would be an accomplished chorister or musician his or her their own right. Finding, or perhaps even creating opportunities, for the student to practice and perform with fellow musicians and choirs would be an important part of the role.
The ideal Tutor will boast a wealth of expertise across a wide spectrum of subjects. They will be a positive role model and inspire the love of a range of subjects. He or she will need to be flexible and plan their time efficiently to ensure a positive learning experience, whilst nurturing confidence and providing rewarding challenges. It is imperative to instil a general love of learning and to encourage independence and autonomy of private study as well.
The student should be encouraged to read and write more extensively, therefore, a well-read and passionate Tutor will serve as great inspiration to enthuse writing composition and foster a love of reading. They will discourage screen time, limiting it only to necessary, educational purposes.
The Tutor must promote the enjoyment - as well as success - in learning, helping the student to become a well-rounded individual ready to cope with a range of situations in later life.


During Swedish term time, the tutor will be expected to be available for up to 2 hours work per day with the student during weekday afternoons/evenings, including Friday and Sunday evenings. A willingness to be flexible, and available as needed, is crucial. Some travel, almost always within Europe, might also be needed from time to time.
The Tutor will be entitled to a minimum of 9 weeks holiday (45 working days) per year, to be taken at times agreed with our Client. The Tutor will need to be flexible with respect to any changes in schedule, be they travel-related or otherwise and will adapt accordingly. The Client will strive to give up to two weeks’ notice of any alterations to previously-made plans.
No accommodation will be provided during term time. But all travel and accommodation expenses for any trips and travel will be covered by the Client. This might take the form of a stipend from which the Tutor will need to arrange her or his own accommodations if there are any periods of travel outside the area of the tutoring. The Client is not responsible for the Tutor’s personal phone bills.


Working with a multilingual and culturally rich family, the successful candidate should be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position. They will uphold excellent academic standards, whilst providing a personable environment where learning and fun go hand in hand. They will be a positive role-model and inspire the love of a range of subjects.
The Tutor must be a fit and healthy non-smoker.


  • Start: As soon as possible
  • Duration: One year initially
  • Hours: Approximately 20 hours per week
  • Salary: €201,600 EUR per annum
  • Accommodation: None provided
  • Car: None provided
  • Vacation: Minimum of 9 weeks per year

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