Mobility Advertising Introduces Vehicle Wrap Standardization to the Out-of-Home Advertising Industry

San Diego, CA, Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, key players in mobility advertising have joined together for the first time ever to create a standard taxonomy and naming structure for a well-established media format. With this announcement, vehicle wraps fall in line with other transit media types to create an industry standard that will be known and bought for years to come. 

The initiative was led by Wrapify, Firefly, and mobilads in an effort to help media advertisers plan, sell, and buy vehicle wraps the way they have other forms of transit media. Up until now, each provider used different wrap names and variants. Now, similar to the transit media formats that came before them, these providers are firmly establishing a new standard in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising landscape. 

“OOH industry veterans know and understand the importance of the initiative that Firefly, mobilads, and Wrapify are taking,” says Rick Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Project X. “Nearly 40 years ago, standardization of bus wrap sizes, materials, and abatements brought immense credibility to the medium. We now see the same thing happening with vehicle wraps, which ensures its viability in the future of OOH advertising.” 

The vehicle wraps will now be known as:

  • 180: includes ad space on both the driver & passenger front and rear doors.
  • 270: includes ad space on the doors, plus the rear quarter panels and rear bumper/trunk/hatch. 
  • 360: includes ad space on all body panels, aside from the roof, providing the fullest vehicle coverage available.

Potential add-ons to the 3 wrap types will include 1) a rear-window (RW) panel and 2) a long (L) extension from rear quarter panels to front fenders. Each mobility advertising solution will provide various combinations of the 3 wrap types and corresponding add-ons (i.e. 360 + RW, 180 + L, etc.)

Additional benefits to this standardization will be the ability for third-party data providers to establish a baseline when it comes to media measurement. As the standards are adopted across the industry, Geopath, the independent measurement authority for OOH media, will incorporate the new nomenclature within its suite of audited media as it continues to add dynamic mobility advertising formats. 

“We applaud the efforts by these industry leaders to help make the planning, buying, and selling of mobility advertising easier, further propelling growth in this segment of OOH,” said Dylan Mabin, President of Geopath. “The newly established taxonomy and nomenclature for mobility formats will ultimately help our members transact confidently and better quantify the value and impact of their investment in this class of Out-of-Home media.”

Look out for more information, rate cards, and more through your preferred OOH vendor. 

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