Insights on the Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease Global Market to 2026 - Aging Population a Boon for All Diagnostics


Dublin, Jan. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease By Syndrome, Plex, Place and by Country. With COVID-19 Impact & Forecasting/Analysis, and Executive Guides and Customization 2022-2026" report has been added to's offering.

COVID-19 Drives a surge in demand but what is the long term impact? The microbiology lab may disappear while multiplex takes center stage.

The Molecular Diagnostics - Infectious Disease sector of the clinical diagnostics industry is poised for record growth. A market that just keeps on growing but is spiking as an enormous C19Dx demand sweeps over the globe. Find out what the numbers are in this informative report. And find out about the exciting developments in multiplex assays which threaten to change diagnosis and treatment while limiting the threat of anti microbial drug resistance.

Infectious disease testing directly benefits from the explosion in biotechnology, especially genomics. Learn all about it in this report. A range of dynamic trends are pushing market growth and company valuations.

Trends like:

  • Multiplex testing
  • pathogen evolution and pandemics
  • biotechnology advances in genetics
  • climate change
  • globalization
  • the rise of rapid testing

Exciting technical developments especially in the seesaw between nucleic acid testing and immunoassay, hold the promise of a dynamic, growing and evolving world market that holds the promise of diagnostics taking the lead in infectious disease eradication.

The report has hundreds of pages of information including a complete list of Current United States Medicare Fee Payment Schedules to help sharpen your pricing. Again, assistance in using the information is normally provided without additional charges. The report includes detailed breakouts for 15 Countries and 4 Regions. A detailed breakout for any country in the world is available to purchasers of the report.

All report data is available in Excel format on request.

The report includes five year market forecasts.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 Strategic Situation Analysis and Impact of COVID-19.
1.2 Guide for Executives, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Staff
1.3 Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

2 Introduction and Market Definition

3 The Infectious Diseases - Market Analysis by Disease
3.1 HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS)
3.2 HBV - Hepatitis B
3.3 HCV - Hepatitis C
3.4 HPV - Human papillomavirus
3.5 Influenza
3.6 CTGC - Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea
3.7 Tuberculosis
3.8 MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
3.9 VRE - Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus
3.10 Blood Screening
3.11 COVID-19
3.12 Pandemic Diagnostics

4 Industry Overview
4.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
4.1.1 Academic Research Lab
4.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
4.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier
4.1.4 Distributor and Reagent Supplier
4.1.5 Independent Testing Lab
4.1.6 Public National/regional lab
4.1.7 Hospital lab
4.1.8 Physician Office Labs
4.1.9 Audit Body
4.1.10 Certification Body
4.2 The Clinical Laboratory Market Segments
4.2.1 Traditional Market Segmentation
4.2.2 Laboratory Focus and Segmentation
4.3 Industry Structure
4.3.1 Hospital Testing Share
4.3.2 Economies of Scale Hospital vs. Central Lab
4.3.3 Physician Office Lab's
4.3.4 Physicians and POCT

5 Profiles of Key MDx Companies
5.1 1928 Diagnostics
5.2 Abacus Diagnostica
5.3 Abbott Laboratories
5.4 Accelerate Diagnostics
5.5 Access Bio
5.6 Ador Diagnostics
5.7 ADT Biotech
5.8 Akonni Biosystems
5.9 Altona Diagnostics
5.10 Alveo Technologies
5.11 Anatolia Geneworks
5.12 Antelope Dx
5.13 Applied BioCode
5.14 Assurance Scientific Laboratories
5.15 Aureum Diagnostics
5.16 Aus Diagnostics
5.17 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
5.18 Becton, Dickinson and Company
5.19 Binx Health
5.20 Biocartis
5.21 BioFire Diagnostics (bioMerieux)
5.22 bioMerieux Diagnostics
5.23 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
5.24 Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH
5.25 Celemics
5.26 Cepheid (Danaher)
5.27 Chembio
5.28 Co Diagnostics
5.29 Credo Diagnostics Biomedical
5.30 Cue Health
5.31 Curetis N.V./Curetis GmbH
5.32 Detect
5.33 Diagenode Diagnostics
5.34 Diascopic
5.35 Diasorin S.p.A.
5.36 Eiken Chemical
5.37 Enzo Biochem
5.38 Eurofins Scientific
5.39 Fluxergy
5.40 Fulgent Genetics
5.41 Fusion Genomics.
5.42 Genedrive
5.43 Genetic Signatures
5.44 GenMark Dx (Roche)
5.45 Grifols
5.46 Grip Molecular Technologies
5.47 Hibergene Diagnostics
5.48 Hologic
5.49 Illumina
5.50 Immunexpress
5.51 Inflammatix
5.52 Invetech
5.53 Janssen Diagnostics
5.54 Karius
5.55 Lexagene
5.56 LightDeck Diagnostics
5.57 Lucira Health
5.58 Luminex Corp
5.59 LumiraDx
5.60 Lumos Diagnostics
5.61 Mammoth Biosciences
5.62 Maxim Biomedical
5.63 Meridian Bioscience
5.64 Mesa Biotech (Thermo Fisher)
5.65 Millipore Sigma
5.66 Mindray
5.67 Mobidiag (Hologic)
5.68 Molbio Diagnostics
5.69 Nanomix
5.70 Novacyt
5.71 Novel Microdevices
5.72 Operon
5.73 Oxford Nanopore Technologies
5.74 Panagene
5.75 Pathogenomix
5.76 Perkin Elmer
5.77 Prenetics
5.78 Primerdesign (Novacyt)
5.79 Prominex
5.80 Qiagen
5.81 QuantuMDx
5.82 Quest Diagnostics
5.83 Quidel
5.84 Randox Toxicology
5.85 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
5.86 Saw Diagnostics
5.87 SD Biosensor
5.88 Seegene
5.89 Siemens Healthineers
5.90 SomaLogic
5.91 Sona Nanotech
5.92 SpeeDx
5.93 T2 Biosystems
5.94 Talis Biomedical
5.95 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
5.96 Veramarx
5.97 Veredus Laboratories
5.98 Vir
5.99 Vircell
5.100 Visby Medical
5.101 XCR Diagnostics
5.102 YD Diagnostics
5.103 Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech

6 Market Trends
6.1 Factors Driving Growth
6.1.1 New Genotypes Creating New Markets
6.1.2 Aging Population a Boon for All Diagnostics
6.1.3 Developing World Driving ID Dx Growth
6.1.4 Point of Care - Why Centralization is Losing Steam
6.1.5 Self Testing
6.1.6 The Need for Speed
6.1.7 The COVID Pandemic
6.2 Factors Limiting Growth
6.2.1 Lower Costs
6.2.2 Infectious Disease is Declining
6.2.3 Wellness Hurts
6.2.4 Economic Growth improves Living Standards
6.3 Instrumentation and Automation
6.3.1 Instruments Key to Market Share
6.3.2 The Shrinking Machine
6.3.3 Multiplex, Point of Care and The Speed Factor
6.4 Diagnostic Technology Development
6.4.1 The Sepsis Testing Market - A New Direction?
6.4.2 POCT/Self Testing as a Disruptive Force
6.4.3 The Genetics Play - One Test for All Known Infections
6.4.4 Antibiotic Resistance Genes - Simplifying Diagnostics

7 Molecular Dx - Infectious Disease Recent Developments
7.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
7.1.1 Importance of These Developments
7.1.2 How to Use This Section
7.2 BioMerieux Invests in Sepsis Dx Startup Weezion
7.3 Domus Diagnostics to Launch POC MDx Test System
7.4 Proof Dx Plans Infectious Disease, Oncology Tests for CRISPR-Based POC
7.5 Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics to Develop Clinical Tools
7.6 Pathogenomix Developing Infectious Disease Platform Using NGS
7.7 COVID-19 Accelerating Trend Toward Pharmacy-Based Testing
7.8 Co-Diagnostics Seeks FDA EUA for At-Home PCR Diagnostic
7.9 Sense Biodetection to Debut Instrument-Free Point-of-Care MDx
7.10 Home Test Company Prenetics to go Public
7.11 Roche to Acquire TIB Molbiol to Expand Infectious Disease Portfolio
7.12 Lucira Health Posts Revenue Growth on OTC C19 Test
7.13 BforCure Preparing Multiple Panels for Point-of-Care qPCR Platform
7.14 Talis Biomedical Discusses Point-of-Care
7.15 Roche to Acquire GenMark Diagnostics for $1.8B
7.16 Pandemic Pushes Handheld qPCR Devices Closer to Commercialization
7.17 Hologic to Acquire Mobidiag
7.18 Lucira Health Focuses on User Friendly Approach to Home Testing
7.19 Infectious Disease Dx Firm Talis Biomedical Raises $254M in IPO
7.20 Fluidigm Plans 'Durable' Diagnostics, Clinical Business
7.21 Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire Mesa Biotech for Up to $550M
7.22 Mammoth Biosciences Developing Pathogen Detection Tech
7.23 Illumina, IDbyDNA Developing Sequencing-Based Respiratory Tests
7.24 Scanogen Developing 90 Minute Infection Test
7.25 Malaria Assays Use CRISPR for Point-of-Care Multispecies Detection
7.26 FDA Provides Self Testing SARS-CoV-2 EAU Guidance
7.27 Mammoth Biosciences Announces Rapid, CRISPR-Based COVID-19 Diagnostic
7.28 Genetic Signatures Gets CE Mark for Coronavirus Molecular Test
7.29 Qiagen Respiratory Panel with Coronavirus Receives CE Mark
7.30 Lumos Diagnostics Closes $15M Series A Funding
7.31 Fusion Genomics to Assess NGS-Based Respiratory Tract Infection Assay

8 The Global Market for Molecular Diagnostics Infectious Disease
8.1 Global Market Overview by Country
8.2 Global Market by Syndrome - Overview
8.3 Global Market by Plex - Overview
8.4 Global Market by Place - Overview

9 Global MDx Infectious Disease Markets - By Syndrome

10 Global MDx Markets for Infectious Disease - by Plex

11 Global MDx Infectious Disease Markets - by Place

12 Appendices

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