D-BOX signs licensing agreement to commercialize a Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG multipurpose motion platform

D-BOX partnership with Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG opens up collaboration for diverse entertainment experiences

NUREMBERG, Germany and MONTREAL, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- D-BOX Technologies Inc. (“D-BOX” or the "Corporation") (TSX: DBO), a world leader in haptic and immersive entertainment, and Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG (“Mercedes-Benz”) are pleased to announce that D-BOX has obtained licensing rights to develop and commercialize a multipurpose motion platform targeting consumers and car dealerships. This agreement opens up a wide range of product development opportunities for D-BOX, in leveraging iconic brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG. The first product commercialized is a modular motion platform, which is expected to be available for purchase sometime in February 2023. This innovative, plug and play, multipurpose and low-profile product is compatible with almost all sim racing chassis manufacturers and can also be used in conjunction with chairs, sofas, fitness devices, and more in-home and commercial entertainment. It is also compatible with the D-BOX ecosystem, allowing users to benefit from a haptic experience for the more than 2,500 films and television series available in our content catalogue on D‑BOX PLUS.

With this collaboration, D-BOX and Mercedes-Benz bring their vision for the future of entertainment to life by creating a new level of excitement through experiences that uniquely combine movements, vibrations and textures to stimulate the entire body via various haptic products. In addition to the film, TV series and video game content already available in the D-BOX catalogue, Mercedes-Benz wants to take advantage of all the proprietary content they already have available to them and make it compatible with the platform as well. This content now takes the form of well-known motorsport events and vehicle presentations, but in the future could also become real-time content from live events, road trips, eSport events or any type of exciting Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG experiences.

“Mercedes-Benz consistently delivers the best quality products with their luxury brand. We are very proud of this recognition by such an iconic brand and to bring our D-BOX haptic technology and immersive entertainment to their global ecosystem. Together, we can extend the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG brands to multiple unique experiences at home (with movies and music, gaming and sim racing and health and fitness) and in the commercial sector (dealerships and flagship stores, fairs and exhibitions as well as theme parks and cinemas), ” said Sébastien Mailhot, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX. “D-BOX prides itself in being the first haptic system endorsed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which is recognized by Mercedes-Benz. This new collaboration combines high-level entertainment standards with state-of-the-art technology for unique experiences.”

D-BOX creates and redefines realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through effects: motion, vibration and texture. D-BOX has collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, music, relaxation, virtual reality applications, metaverse experience, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX creates a feeling of presence that makes life resonate like never before. D-BOX Technologies Inc. (TSX: DBO) is headquartered in Montreal with offices in Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China. Visit D-BOX.com.


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