Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar® Webinar

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

Dallas, TX, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Astanza Laser, the leading distributor of advanced laser technology for hair removal, tattoo removal, and other dermatological procedures, is hosting an exclusive webinar, “Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar®,” on January 18th at noon central.

The Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza, is a powerful diode hair removal laser featuring the largest treatment spot size on the market with its extra-large handpiece at 10 cm2. This advanced hair removal laser device is revolutionizing aesthetic practices thanks to its intuitive design and leading advancements in hair removal machine technology. 

Led by Astanza’s biomedical engineers and business development managers, this webinar will guide practitioners and entrepreneurs through each aspect of the MeDioStar® laser. Learn the ins and outs of diode laser technology, procedural capabilities, product features, and how to maximize profitability with the most effective hair removal laser by tuning into the webinar “Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar®.”

Unlike other hair removal lasers, diode lasers incorporate skin cooling throughout each treatment step, protecting the skin’s surface and reducing the risk of potential thermal injury. The MeDioStar®’s handpieces are equipped with silver Monolith 360° applicator tips that cool the skin immediately before, during, and after treatment, creating the most comfortable treatment for patients.

The MeDioStar® is safe for all skin types – even newly tanned skin – due to the high-frequency, low-fluence pulses it generates. Producing two wavelengths that target the deepest follicles to prevent further growth, the MeDioStar®’s 810 nm and 940 nm wavelengths deliver impressive, long-lasting laser hair removal results.

Below is an outline of topics discussed during the webinar:

  • What is the Asclepion MeDioStar®?
  • How does diode technology work?
  • Which treatments can the MeDioStar® perform?
  • Does the laser include different handpieces?
  • What additional handpieces or parts are available?
  • What’s the profitability of the MeDioStar®?
  • How can I purchase a MeDioStar®?

A LIVE Q&A session will be available for those who tune into the webinar on January 18th, 2023, at noon central. If interested viewers cannot watch the live version, they’re encouraged to register anyway to receive a recording of the webinar afterward. Astanza is dedicated to providing the best laser technology, service, training, and business and marketing support to aesthetic laser business owners every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn how the MeDioStar® can increase client satisfaction and maximize profits. Register now! Contact our team of experts today if you have any questions or are curious about all of Astanza’s offerings.

About Astanza Laser
Astanza is the leader in lasers for tattoo removal, hair removal, and additional aesthetic procedures. In addition to delivering cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Trinity, MeDioStar®, PicoStar®, and DermaBlate systems, Astanza offers an unbeatable partnership through The Astanza Experience, which is made of the Business Builder System, 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, and Lifetime Training and Support. Together, these components give Astanza clients a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services to achieve success in this growing field. Astanza is an award-winning company that has received several accolades from leading industry organizations, including MyFaceMyBody and Aesthetic Everything. They are also certified as a Great Place to Work and ranked #47 on Fortune’s 2022 Best Places to Work in TexasTM and #49 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Health CareTM.

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