New Non-fiction Medical Memoir From Palmetto Publishing Calls For Healthcare Reform

Pieces of Mary offers a personal and intimate look at the mental health treatment of a nurse who has 60 years of field experience.

North Charleston, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

Charleston, SC, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In her first book, author Mary Jordan offers readers a poignant memoir about her life turning upside down when diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 78.

As a patient in a locked care facility, Mary had three medical hospitalizations as a direct result of complications from the care she received and discovered the disjointed, limited care in today’s for-profit business healthcare system. Chronicling her experience as a patient, Mary’s memoir demonstrates how access to the patient-centered care model has been left behind.

“This book serves as my contribution to the discussion that must happen in the U.S. if we want to see any kind of reform in our healthcare system,” said Mary. “I am eager to see significant change in the system I have been a provider in and a recipient of for so many years.”

Pieces of Mary will resonate with adult readers who deal with mental illnesses, who work in the healthcare system, and who are alcoholics in recovery. Mary’s first-hand experience as both provider and patient will inspire authentic, impactful conversations to begin that hopefully will lead to lasting healthcare change.

Mary affirmed, “It’s time we start talking; start pushing for adequate patient-centered care, and it all starts with us.”

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About the Author:

At the age of seventeen Mary Jordan entered a hospital-based, nurses-training program as a student nurse. She later enhanced her career with formal education in nursing and earned Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees as a registered nurse. She remains a successful registered nurse for over 60 years. 

Since 1997 Mary Jordan has facilitated a confidential weekly nurse support group for nurses who have an addiction or mental health diagnosis. Today, Mary has many other important roles such as being a mother, a nana, a mentor, an advocate for mental health awareness, for adequate healthcare and a grateful recovering alcoholic.


Pieces of Mary

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