formable™ Establishes Platform of World-Renowned Coaches Offering Swim and Run Form Analyses to Maximize Performance and Reduce Injury Among Athletes

Athletes now have direct access to professional athletes and elite endurance coaches for one-on-one coaching.

GLEN ROCK, N.J., Jan. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Endurance sports company, AgeGrouper, launches formable™, a dedicated platform that connects athletes with coaches to provide virtual run and swim form analysis. Through remote video conferencing and state-of-the-art video markup software, elite coaches share feedback and provide guidance to help athletes adjust training to match their unique biomechanics, improve the athlete’s form, increase efficiency and reduce injury.

“Through our work with amateur athletes, we see a recurring need for access to coaching expertise to help improve training outputs, particularly in running and swimming,” said Matt Schuster, founder and CEO of AgeGrouper. “We believe that proper form guidance is instrumental for athletes to maximize their athletic performance as well as mitigate potential injury from imbalance or overuse. We want to give all athletes direct access to experts in their field to help refine their form and ensure longevity in the sports they love.”


formable™ coaches were hand-selected based on coaching experience, knowledge in their field and accomplishments in their sport(s). formable™ is proud to announce its partnerships with Lisa Becharas, Dan Daly, Pedro Gomes, Markus Marthaler, Kurt Perham, Stefano Rezato, Mark Saroni, Mike Trees, Reggie Waller and Elizabeth Waterstraat.

“As coaches, our goal is to provide the tools, guidance and customized training to help athletes maximize their energy outputs and optimize performance,” says Markus Marthaler, formable™ swim coach and former swim pro. “Through this process, we will share insights and corrective measures to help them strengthen areas of weakness, creating more efficient athletes.”


According to research, by studying how the human body moves, we can identify ways to remove stress and pressure from the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. This results in improved athletic performance and reduced rates of injuries. The science supports the methodology.

“Since swimming and running require repetitive movements, overuse injuries can occur if those movements are done incorrectly,” says formable™ coach and pro triathlete Lisa Becharas, MS. “Sometimes, even the most subtle change can make a huge difference. The key is identifying and addressing issues now so you can continue to improve and perform long-term.”


formable™ believes that form-based training will benefit each and every athlete and should be easily accessible and affordable. Athletes not currently working with a coach, or who don’t have in-person access, now have a direct line to the best in the field without having to commit to long term contracts.

Tailored training by formable™ coaches, based on an individual’s biomechanics, sets this offering apart from the preset, plug-and-play, run and swim training plans. formable™ coaches will prescribe drills, training guidance and corrective measures tailored specifically to the athlete’s body and fitness goals.

An analysis is a long-term investment into the longevity of the athlete’s endurance sports career and preservation of their body. The formable™ CORE analysis offering starts as low as $100, less than the cost of a new pair of running shoes. Investing in form and technique development will serve athletes well beyond their 30 minute virtual call.

ABOUT formable™

formable™ is a dedicated online platform that connects athletes with coaches to provide virtual run and swim form analysis. Our mission is to educate athletes on proper form and technique to help them effectively train, reduce injury and maintain longevity in their sport. Our partnership with experienced and knowledgeable coaches will ensure athletes receive the most accurate and useful information.


Our mission is to help athletes achieve success in their sport by providing relevant and accurate information, tailored to the amateur athlete. Putting real faces on the everyday athletes that compete today will soften the barriers for new athletes entering into triathlon.

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