Open Source Leader the Eclipse Foundation Teams with Software Engineering Academy 42 Wolfsburg/Berlin on behalf of the Eclipse SDV Working Group

Strategic partnership will enable a new generation of software developers specializing in automotive by leveraging the open source Software-Defined Vehicle innovations developed by the Eclipse SDV WG

BRUSSELS, Belgium, Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Eclipse Foundation, the EU’s largest open source software foundation, today announced it has teamed with 42 Wolfsburg/Berlin, an innovative software engineering academy using new pedagogical approach to training software developers, have entered into a strategic alliance under the auspices of the Foundation’s Eclipse Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group (WG).

“Unlike more general open source software subjects, such as cloud native applications and AI, there has been a dearth of resources focused on designing for the automotive industry,” said Michael Plagge, vice president, Ecosystem Development for the Eclipse Foundation. “Together, the Eclipse SDV WG and 42 seek to strengthen the automotive software ecosystem by establishing new, modern, interconnected collaboration methods and turn the education of software developers into an agile, demand-driven process by enabling students to directly work on relevant automotive software.”

42 Wolfsburg is a unique Software Engineering Academy, where self-directed learning and expert mentoring, group fun and individual performance, superb campus facilities and career prospects come together. At 42, programming is not taught in a lecture hall: its training programs are fully practical and based on the principles of sharing, collaboration, and peer-evaluation.

Most software for the automotive industry is proprietary, making it inaccessible for the vast majority of learners, which means they don’t have the opportunity to work with ‘real’ software before they start their job,” said Max Senges, CEO and headmaster of 42 Wolfsburg/Berlin. “Through our partnership with Eclipse SDV, we will build a curriculum of training projects around the SDV open source stack for automotive. Given that the materials will be Open Educational Resources they will enable students at 42, in companies and other educational institutions to learn, adapt and contribute to the evolution of relevant learning challenges. By doing so, we are helping to strengthen the automotive ecosystem while simultaneously growing the much needed developer talent pipeline for the industry.”

The Eclipse Foundation has decades of experience managing the governance of complex technology initiatives and multi-vendor organizations, making it the ideal organization to help manage projects where academia and the private sector converge. Its commitment to transparency, vendor-neutrality, and a shared voice will ensure that all participants have the opportunity to shape the future of the working group.

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