Ultracorp Launches Ultra Messenger App, Enabling Creators, Artists, Athletes, and Influencers, To Monetize Real-Time Interactions – After Securing $100,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ultracorp Technologies, Inc. has announced the launch of Ultra Messenger, available for iOS and Android, a revolutionary communications app that allows users to exchange social currency for actual currency. This platform is specifically designed for creative professionals, including influencers, experts, celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and content creators, and offers one easy-to-use interface for both users and their audiences.

With Ultra Messenger, verified users can charge per message for texts and per second for audio/video calls. The platform allows users to break free from the low ceiling of monthly subscription models and low retention of one-off content transactions, and instead, earn money every time they interact with their audience.

"We've taken a familiar user experience for everyone – a messenger app – and added seamless monetization to that using our in-app currency: credits," says Jordan Laubaugh, founder of Ultra Messenger. "Credits allow us to tap into the massive existing customer bases of app store ecosystems, providing easy, one-click purchase capabilities for hundreds of millions of customers."

The $100,000 pre-seed fund, which will be used primarily for continued feature development, will also be dedicated to marketing efforts, including advertising and public relations campaigns, to raise awareness about the app and attract a diverse user base.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with my fans in such a personal and meaningful way through Ultra Messenger," says Buttsy Butler, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the motorsports industry such as Monster Energy and Fast & Furious Live. "Whether you're looking for advice or support, or just want to chat about cars, I’m here."

Ultra Messenger is committed to providing the best possible user experience for both creators and their community. "We've made it all so simple," says co-founder Richard Roocroft. "Users set their prices, customers buy credits and choose how they want to interact, and creators earn $8 per 100 credits."

With its focus on real-time interactions, Ultra Messenger is set to revolutionize the way creative professionals monetize their work and connect with their audience. "You can register within seconds, get verified within minutes, and depending on how long it takes you to share your profile on social media, be earning money through the app within 10-15 minutes." says Laubaugh.

Stay tuned for more information on new features, including scheduling, categories, and discovery.

About Ultracorp Technologies, Inc.:

Ultracorp Technologies, Inc. is a Delaware-based company focused on developing innovative solutions for creative professionals. Founded in 2022, the company has already attracted a diverse group of international investors and Ultra Messenger is available in 117 countries.


Jordan Laubaugh
Founder and CEO
Ultracorp Technologies, Inc.

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