Award-Winning Smart Card Cybersecurity Firm CardLab Enters into Strategic Partnership with Italian Hi-Tech Company WiBioCard

CardLab and WiBioCard have combined their proprietary technologies to create a fully integrated card and backend authentication solution that aims to unlock a new era of unique user identification and privacy protection.

San Francisco, California, USA, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Danish high-security smart card provider CardLab ApS (“CardLab”) has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with WiBioCard, which has recently licensed CardLab’s biometric card technologies. The new partnership will see WiBioCard’s personnel located in Italy working closely alongside CardLab’s Denmark-based personnel to combine their respective solutions into a fully integrated card and backend authentication solution.

US Capital Global Securities LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer affiliate of global financial group US Capital Global, has structured a $10 million investment opportunity in CardLab, which remains open to eligible investors. With offices in San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, London, Milan, and Dubai, US Capital Global is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in investment banking, asset management, and capital formation services.

CardLab has a solid portfolio of biometric card solutions, a full backend authentication system, strong IP patent estate, and is a unique “Authentication as a Service” provider of fully encrypted biometric card hardware and supporting software platforms. CardLab provides next-generation electronic card development and production services that enable manufacturing of proprietary custom smart cards from initial concept to mass production. WiBioCard has a very strong partnership network for applications requiring secure customer identification  having its own authentication system that can integrate biometric card solutions as a top Cybersecurity provider. The synergistic collaboration will greatly enhance the value and capabilities of both companies in this very active sector.

Frank Sandeløv, CEO at CardLab, said: “CardLab has created card solutions to help fight fraud and identity theft, provide unique identity, and simultaneously offer full privacy protection. During the recent pandemic we saw the importance of secure authentication as remote work and other evolving workplace environments prompted hacker attacks to skyrocket, causing huge losses for companies and individuals. The collaboration between WiBioCard and CardLab provides a valuable new opportunity for our customers, which range from companies to government institutions, to solidify a far more convenient solution, superior protections, and employ efficient cybersecurity tools to safeguard their critical data in a highly secure system.”

Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities, said: “We are extremely pleased to celebrate this important milestone achievement with our client CardLab Aps, the next generation in cyber solutions. Nominated by the European Commission as one of Europe’s most innovative high-tech firms, CardLab has grown into a world leader in the biometric smart card industry with customers across Europe, Asia, and North America. If you are interested in this innovative and rapidly expanding organization, the opportunity to participate in its $10 million equity offering remains open to eligible investors.”

Last year, CardLab was designated the “Most Secure and Innovative Cyber Security Protection Solution” by Business World Magazine, alongside several other industry awards by World Business Outlook, including “Best Card Security Solutions Provider Denmark 2022.”

About CardLab ApS

Based in Denmark, CardLab is a world-leading technology provider to the digital identity and powered smart card industry. CardLab develops and commercializes ISO 7810 compliant secure card products, including a fingerprint card authentication solution for payment, ID, access control, blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, and cyber security. With manufacturing partners in Asia and the United States and its own factory in Thailand, CardLab provides high-quality technical design and manufacturing support for card solutions, including scalable security levels and existing infrastructure compatibility, making implementation affordable for end users.

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