North America IT Hiring Kit Best Practices Guide 2023 with Latest Salary Data for 73 Key IT Positions

Dublin, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "North America IT Hiring Kit Best Practices - Platinum 2023 Edition" report has been added to's offering.

The IT Hiring Kit includes latest salary data for 73 key IT Positions; 320 full job descriptions in WORD (.docx format) from the IT and Internet Position Description HandiGuide in PDF format (over 800 pages) - Interview and Hiring Guide with electronic forms and key job descriptions

Hiring is more difficult in today's IT Job Market

IT Pro's Hiring Kit - Includes latest IT Salary Data, Interview and Hiring Guide, and 320 Job Descriptions - In today's economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to have the right talent in place, run at peak efficiency and "do more with less". With the economy improving and the lowest unemployment numbers in several years, HR departments are pressured to get qualified professionals on board now.

Every component of the IT Hiring Kit was updated for post pandemic requirements - including WFH

This indispensable resource provides up-to-date salary data gathered through an extensive survey of businesses throughout the United States and Canada, plus polished job descriptions for the 73 IT positions surveyed. This proprietary information reduces the time it takes to recruit top talent and ensures that you get the right person for each job.

Growth of IT Job Market (updated)

IT Job Market continues to grow at a pace that is slightly slower than that of the post-COVID recovery. Janco's initial forecast for the number of new IT jobs to be added in 2023 is approximately 174,000.

In today's employment market, it is critical to make every hire count. There is little room for error. It is crucial for senior-level leadership, human resources and hiring managers to all be on the same page and do the right things.

In addition, it's a good time for CIO and IT managers to direct HR to keep the hiring pipeline flowing. To that end, Janco has created an IT Hiring Tool Kit aimed at getting that process flowing. With it in place, HR and IT teams can work together to get results.

Building an excellent IT staff in your company requires offering the right jobs at the right salary levels. Only the IT Hiring Resource Kit provides the industry-standard job descriptions and up-to-date salary data you need to recruit top talent as effectively and efficiently as possible. The salary survey includes a list of the benefits provided by enterprises of all sizes. Is your company providing the right benefits?

Hiring IT Pros will be more difficult in 2023

Many Hiring failures hinder progress in IT

With the limited labor supply of IT professionals, every hiring mistake is magnified. In our review of "hiring failures" we have found two factors associated with which stand out. Interpersonal issues associated with these failures (29 percent) and poor corporate culture fit (28 percent) with the others. Most of these can be filtered out during the recruiting and interviewing process.

The 2023 Edition of the IT Hiring Kit provides solutions for hiring managers.

Some of the solutions that are defined in the kit to minimize hiring mistakes are things to consider or alter in the recruiting and hiring process.

Included are:

  1. Do not hire based on an outdated job description. Times change and jobs change. Update the description. The most common mistake is not ensuring that the job posting aligns with the job. When filling a role where the former employee was in the role for a while, their duties shift, but often job postings don't accurately represent all the other responsibilities that have been added over time, which can end up in misalignment. It's important to capture all the responsibilities of the role before you start the recruiting process so the candidates who apply are aware of the role in its true and full form.
  2. Look for team players. The single most important quality in an IT hire is compatibility with the existing team. A newly hired employee with a "hero mentality" should be avoided. The most successful employees bring up their entire teams enabling them to accomplish more than simple individual wins. Look out in job interviews for candidates who focus only on their own accomplishments.
  3. Avoid inflated resumes. A bad IT hire is an individual who sells themselves well in the interview but exaggerated their skills. It is important for hiring managers to catch these types of candidates during the job search with a variety of skills testing."
  4. Avoid team killers. As a manager, you must consider whether it's worth sacrificing one individual for the sake of the team, or the team for the sake of this one individual. In most cases, world-class managers choose the former option. The hardest part is when an individual is very good at their job but just did not fit in with the culture of the wider group.
  5. Avoid poor skills fit. For example, an extremely bright candidate was hired into the wrong role. Everyone is impressed by how smart they are but frustrates the individual's manager who was trying in vain to transform them into the role they need.
  6. Validate motivation. Engagement during the interview process is a great sign of whether the candidate is truly excited about the role. If you're transparent about the process and the culture and there's a high degree of engagement, there's a greater potential for a good fit.
  7. Avoid red flags. You can spot any glaring red flags Do not give them access to confidential and sensitive information before there is any need to
  8. Avoid inflexible hiring. When bringing on new team members, leaders that are willing to show some flexibility in their requirements are finding the most success
  9. Avoid careless individuals. When and why did you start in IT? It's been the best indicator of whether the candidate is going to be a good fit for the team.
  10. Avoid the prima donna. Candidates who can't get past their own opinions, causing rifts in his business technology department. When you push back and say it does not address all the questions or concerns, they are prone to shutting down.

Tools contained in the Hiring Kit are:

  • 40-page Interview Guide and checklist
  • 2023 IT Salary Survey
  • 73 to 324 Job Descriptions based on the version ordered
  • HR HandiGuide with all mandated requirements

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