Outlook on the Plant Based-Meat Global Market to 2027: Europe is Anticipated to Gain High Traction as the Vegan and Vegetarian Populations are Rising

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According to this report the plant-based meat products market is proliferating.The Plant-based Meat market is anticipated to showcase significant growth in the forecast period due to the rising demand for multifunctional protein across the regions at a CAGR of 14.50%.

With the rise in awareness about the health benefits associated with the consumption of Plant-based meat, most athletes are now switching to vegan diets. A vegan diet fits nicely into an athlete's training plan. Since Plant-based meat is highly processed, it cannot qualify as a natural product. The demographic that exhibits a willingness to opt for Plant-based meat also displays an affinity for natural products; hence, a tendency to opt out of Plant-based meat is a possibility.

This acts as a significant drawback to the market. With dairy, fish, meat, poultry, and other animal products detached from the equation, a vegan diet tends to have a higher content of carbohydrates, the primary fuel for athletes. Good protein sources for vegan athletes include quinoa, brown rice, protein-enriched pasta, nuts, tofu, soymilk, tempeh, peanut butter, beans, and peas, hence, driving the overall Plant-based meat market.

Positive consumer shift towards social media and information technology has raised consumer awareness about how their consumption impacts the environment. Animal cruelty and health issues influence consumers' buying decisions, especially in developed regions, such as North America and Europe.

Also, there has been a growing awareness about the link between meat consumption and non-communicable diseases, directly promoting plant-based meat. In an attempt to cut the risks of such illnesses and obesity, consumers are cutting off meat from their diets, which will gradually propel the plant-based meat market. Plant-based meat is perfect for catering to the indulgent needs of these consumers.

Other consumer attitudes, such as going against animal cruelty, reducing carbon emissions, and conserving water, will culminate in the high consumption of Plant-based meat in the future. Besides, a spurt in population growth is also likely to create the need for Plant-based meat.

Furthermore, due to a broader range of product availability, improved product production and innovation in plant-based protein products, and a wider range of viable alternatives and substitutes, acceptance of plant-based foods and beverages has increased in recent years.

Europe is anticipated to gain high traction in the plant-based meat market as the vegan and vegetarian populations are rising exponentially. The rising obesity in the region is also prominent and provides enormous market opportunities. Additionally, the increasing awareness among the people regarding plant-based meat's health benefits and sustainability towards the environment is creating a massive opportunity for the market in the region.

Major Companies present in the market

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods Inc., Maple Leaf Foods, Quorn Foods, Amy's Kitchen (US), Tyson Foods Inc., Nestle S.A., Kraft Heinz Company, Unilever (The Vegetarian Butcher), Kellogg NA Co., Conagra, Inc.

Considered in this report

  • Geography: Global
  • Base year: 2021
  • Estimated year: 2022
  • Forecast year: 2027

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Report Methodology

3. Market Structure
3.1. Market Considerate
3.2. Market Definition

4. Economic /Demographic Snapshot

5. Global Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
5.1. Market Size by Value
5.2. Market Share
5.2.1. By Source
5.2.2. By End User
5.2.3. By Product
5.2.4. By Type
5.2.5. By Region
5.2.6. By Country
5.2.7. By Company

6. North America Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
6.1. Market Size by Value
6.2. Market Share
6.2.1. By Source
6.2.2. By End User
6.2.3. By Product
6.2.4. By Type
6.2.5. By Country

7. Europe Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
7.1. Market Size by Value
7.2. Market Share
7.2.1. By Source
7.2.2. By End User
7.2.3. By Product
7.2.4. By Type
7.2.5. By Country

8. Asia-Pacific Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
8.1. Market Size by Value
8.2. Market Share
8.2.1. By Source
8.2.2. By End User
8.2.3. By Product
8.2.4. By Type
8.2.5. By Country

9. South America Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
9.1. Market Size by Value
9.2. Market Share
9.2.1. By Source
9.2.2. By End User
9.2.3. By Product
9.2.4. By Type
9.2.5. By Country

10. Middle East & Africa Plant Based Meat Product Market Outlook
10.1. Market Size by Value
10.2. Market Share
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10.2.4. By Type
10.2.5. By Country

11. Market Dynamics
11.1. Key Drivers
11.2. Key Challenges

12. Market Trends and Developments

13. Company Profiles
13.1. Amy's Kitchen Inc.
13.2. Beyond Meat
13.3. Conagra, Inc.
13.4. Impossible Foods Inc.
13.5. Kellogg NA Co.
13.6. Maple Leaf Foods
13.7. QUORN Foods
13.8. Tyson Foods Inc.
13.9. Nestle S.A.
13.10. Kraft Heinz Company
13.11. Unilever (Vegetarian Butcher)

14. Strategic Recommendations

15. Disclaimer

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