EagleView Builds on Recent Launch of EagleView Cloud, Expands Imagery Archive and Resolution Options for All Enterprise Customers

With three resolution options and imagery refreshes up to 2x per year, customers can now rely on better coverage and recency to make claims decisions, remodeling estimates, solar designs, and more.

Bellevue, WA, Feb. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EagleView, a leading provider of aerial imagery, data, and analytics announces the expansion of its EagleView Cloud offering to all customers following a successful launch to Government customers. EagleView Cloud for enterprise is a one-stop shop for customers who want access to high-quality and frequently captured aerial imagery that can be used to improve their capacity to make data-driven decisions.

“With EagleView Cloud for enterprise and our innovative, patented capture technologies, we are advancing our capabilities to provide customers and the market with a platform and data that meets their needs,” said Chris Jurasek, EagleView’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is an exciting time for us here as we continue to push the envelope in geospatial and aerial imagery innovation.”

In addition to expanded availability in roofing, solar, insurance, infrastructure and other commercial markets, EagleView Cloud will now cover more than 94% of the US population. This includes 1”, 3” and 6” image capture over more urban areas flown as frequently as 2x per year. With the inclusion of more frequent and more distributed images, EagleView reaffirms its position as the leader and industry standard for customers who need property-specific imagery and data. 

These upgrades enable process improvements across multiple industries, such as:

  • Residential and commercial property service providers who want to improve their business processes by reducing the amount of site visits and surveys, thus reducing everyday operating expenses.   
  • Companies that need to assess and respond to changes in landscape by vegetation or by building expansion.
  • Insurance carriers who can now utilize improved access to pre-event imagery to better understand severity of claims and more rapidly respond and process those claims with greater confidence.

“EagleView’s product offering is second to none. Here at Deep Lawn, we utilize the imagery and data to analyze the scope and condition of an end user’s lot and empower our customers to make better project bids,’ said Joel Northrup, Deep Lawn’s Chief Executive Officer. “Having easy access to such amazing data and imagery helps keep Deep Lawn the industry leader in Landscape Technology.”

This subscription-based service offering will provide the market with the recency and coverage that is needed to power their businesses as well as stable pricing for the length of the subscription.  

To learn more about EagleView Cloud for enterprise visit our website.


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