Burnie Group's Strategic Alignment Program supports leaders in designing organizational strategy

TORONTO, Feb. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Burnie Group is pleased to announce the launch of its Strategic Alignment Program to provide corporate strategy design at a fraction of the cost of traditional management consulting strategy engagements. The Strategic Alignment Program helps leadership teams develop, commit to, and execute their strategy more effectively through goal setting, role clarity, and clear articulation of their strategy. The result is an unparalleled focus on how their businesses can gain a competitive advantage and realize value.

Burnie Group's approach to strategic alignment starts with understanding each client's unique needs. Burnie Group then designs and facilitates workshops that enable leadership teams to make critical decisions to deliver their desired outcomes and achieve alignment with their peers and the broader organization.

Andrew Wolch, Insurance Practice Leader at Burnie Group and lead for the Strategic Alignment Program, says, "We are pleased to formalize our Strategic Alignment Program. While we firmly believe in the effectiveness of the traditional consulting model, sometimes all our clients need is some structure and process to facilitate candid conversations that will move the organization forward. The Strategic Alignment Program is an alternative delivery model that involves facilitated discussions to help our clients achieve the outcomes they seek, so they can execute their strategies as a cohesive team."

David Burnie, Principal and Founder of Burnie Group, says, "The Strategic Alignment Program is another way we can help our clients solve their most pressing operational challenges. This program will help our clients work better as a team, improve communication within their organizations, make decisions more effectively and achieve superior results. We look forward to seeing the positive and lasting impact this program will have on our clients."

About Burnie Group

Burnie Group is an award-winning management consulting firm that helps clients improve their performance by applying innovative strategy, process excellence, and world-class technology. Burnie Group specializes in Strategy, Operations, Omnichannel and Contact Centers, and Technology and Automation. Its programs deliver measurable, transparent, and guaranteed results.

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