Treasure Launches its Managed Treasuries Allocation

San Francisco, CA, Feb. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the back of strong customer demand Treasure Financial (Treasure) announced the launch of its Managed Treasuries  allocation. With Managed Treasuries businesses now have access to an actively managed allocation to Treasury bills (T-bills) which provides more liquidity, less volatility, and higher returns than the suboptimal buy-and-hold strategy.

T-bills are an essential component of any corporate treasury management program. With the recent rise in interest rates, T-bills are an even more compelling instrument for cash allocation. However, deciding which T-bill maturities to buy, determining how long to hold them, and executing on these decisions can be difficult and time consuming. Treasure’s Managed Treasuries allocation solves all these problems by making an allocation to T-bills completely seamless. Managed Treasuries provides an ultra safe yield without any burden or effort on the part of the customer.

Managed Treasuries leverages Treasure’s quantitative investment team that has built  in-house algorithms that constantly allocates to the most optimal T-bill maturity. Not only does this remove any work from customers, but it also helps them achieve higher return with more safety and liquidity. Based on Treasure’s computation, Managed Treasuries is 8.5x more efficient in terms of capital allocation to T-bills than than basic buy-and-hold strategy (efficiency measured as returns divided by drawdowns. Data: Bloomberg). 

“We are pleased to be adding this actively managed allocation to our suite of cash management solutions,” said Ben Verschuere, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Treasure. “Business cash management can be a complex task, but Treasure, via its tech platform and investment team, ensures our customers’ cash is put to its best use at all times.”

“With Treasure we know our idle cash is constantly put to its best use,” said Manuel Godoy, CEO of Felix, one of many successful businesses using Treasure’s cash management solution. “With the Managed Treasuries allocation we generate even more revenue from T-bills - safely and without any effort on our side."

Treasure rapidly expanded last year and is now helping hundreds of businesses access safe, higher yielding solutions that generate more revenue from their idle cash. With Treasure’s Managed Treasuries allocation customers continue to access a best in class cash management solution without additional cost or effort.

About Treasure

Treasure Financial is a San Francisco based Fintech. It is the leader in Treasury Management as a Service (TMaaS). Treasure provides active cash management for businesses enabling them to safely maximize the yield generated on their idle cash. Treasure turns cashflow into revenue, seamlessly making businesses more financially efficient.

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