Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. (FPC) Announce Comprehensive Employment Tax Solutions for Employers Involved in Acquisitions

Recognized as an ethical, accurate, and efficient processor of prior payroll tax issues by national payroll providers and the accounting community for nearly a decade, FPC breaks barriers by making acquisition compliance and tax credit recovery more accessible to small to mid-size employers.

WHITTIER, Calif., Feb. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc., a national provider of forensic payroll service consulting, announces today it will begin offering payroll tax credit recovery and compliance services to small and mid-sized employers who have been involved in a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or corporate restructure. 

In many acquisitions, the year-to-date employee wage limits have been reached pre-transaction and can carryover post-transaction, which means the acquiring employer does not have to restart the wage base. However, due to lack of proper acquisition guidance, most employers pay twice the employer tax dollars for the same employees in the same year. In most cases, these monies are in the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, every state unemployment tax agency requires transactions to be reported, which most small business brokers do not perform, leading to penalties and interest assessed to the buyer. 

Moreover, several additional important Federal and State tax issues arise when employers acquire a business (via stock or asset), divest, merge, and restructure corporate entities. Tax issues include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Compliance paperwork filings that are statutorily required with deadlines.
  • State unemployment tax rate transfers from Predecessor or Seller could be mandatory, optional, or not required.
  • The Seller could have hidden unemployment tax liabilities that the Buyer would inherit.
  • Tax assessment notices with deadlines.

For almost a decade, Forensic Payroll has been the leader in the third-party payroll data correction process. "Forensic Payroll intends to capitalize on our experience and continue helping our clients reduce costs, recover employment taxes, and stay compliant through intelligent analysis of their payroll tax data," said Andrew Lopez, CEO of Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. "More importantly, the partnership FPC provides to hundreds of accounting professionals and payroll companies around the country enables FPC to provide payroll tax recovery services long after the employee retention credit statute of limitations expires." 


Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. works with small to mid-sized employers to bring their current and prior payroll issues into compliance. FPC works directly with the employer, the employer's accountant, or their payroll processing representative to resolve delinquencies in prior periods so they become compliant going forward. In addition to these services, FPC also offers payroll record and payroll tax reconstruction, amendment processing to all jurisdictions in the United States, state/local payroll ID registration/closures, and wage base tax recovery due to a merger or acquisition. To learn more, contact FPC at or

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President and CEO

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