Private Tutors of Ultra-High Net-Worth Families Need to Maintain Discretion and Confidentiality Claims CEO of Tutors International

Education Consultant and Founder of Tutors International, Adam Caller, believes that a new book based on the private tutoring experiences of the author demonstrates a lack of discretion and professionalism.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is the world-leader in the provision of high-quality, bespoke private tuition for UHNW Clients. Its CEO and Founder, Adam Caller is a renowned, international educational consultant whose advice is often sought due to his considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of private education. Mr Caller feels compelled to comment after reading a recent Times Online article which publicises the murder-mystery novel of a former private tutor based on her experiences with her erstwhile super-rich Russian employers.

Loyalty, Discretion and Confidentiality

First and foremost, Mr Caller is keen to stress the point that the featured former private tutor, now novelist, has never been employed by Tutors International:
“Our Clients are some of the most affluent and influential people in the world. We would never supply a private tutor for a family who didn’t display the highest levels of discretion, loyalty, and respect for the family they are placed with,” he asserts.

“People who lead very public lives are looking for a private tutor who will keep their private lives private,” he continued. “Often, they become a part of the family. As such, they are in a position of enormous responsibility and privilege and must remain loyal to that family. The best private tutors observe a professional code of practice and are highly skilled educators, confident in their abilities, but show the deference expected in a guest of the family”.

This professionalism continues after the tutoring contract has ended, Mr Caller  explains:

“Tutors International is painstaking in its efforts to ensure that the main career goals of our tutors are not deleterious to the role and, as a result, we’ve never had to deal with any incendiary or insensitive disclosures that may cause embarrassment to our families”.

Sensationalism Versus Accuracy

Mr Caller suggests that the article in question resorts to sensationalism to promote the author’s new book. He maintains that it gives the impression that the events described in the novel are factual rather than the fictional imaginings of an author under pressure to generate interest in her book:

“The editors of the Times Online should question their motives. This article is supposed to be publicising an author’s new novel, however, it seems to be more of an attempt at sensationalising the private tutor industry. The author is bound to embellish, exaggerate and even create scenarios of extreme behaviour experienced by her fictional characters during their working relationship with their employers because she wants to sell copies of her book”.

Mr Caller continues: “Tutors International strongly believes that whatever happens behind our Clients’ closed doors is none of our business. We work for our Clients and so it is not our place to judge or express an opinion on what we see. We are professionals working in a private service role: our tutors don’t criticise or comment, they are there to help wherever they can”.

“Tutors International prides itself on its ability to form impeccable relationships with our Clients and tutors and it is heart-warming to witness the fantastic rapport our tutors and Clients build with one another”.

Stringent Application Process

Mr Caller is keen to draw attention to the rigorous recruitment process at Tutors International, specifically designed to eliminate those who may have a more self-serving motive for applying for a position as a tutor:

“Tutors International’s HNW and UHNW Clientele means that tutors frequently work with prominent public figures and people who require the utmost discretion. Integrity and confidentiality are central to the Tutors International ethos. We understand the importance of security and delicacy when dealing with requests from high-profile Clients. Before tutors are introduced to the Client, they are fully vetted. All potential tutors have to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. For additional security, Tutors International also commission a professional background screening by Kroll FPR”.

“Tutors International prides itself on the professionalism and discretion of all our tutors”, Mr Caller states. “It has established its prestigious reputation by conducting specialist, bespoke global searches for each Client’s specific needs, meaning the tutor who gets the job is undoubtedly the most qualified and the best fit for the student. We find not just the world’s best educators, but the world’s best tutor for each specific child”.

“Whilst we wish the author every success with her new novel, we would advise all prospective tutors that Tutors International takes great pains to protect the privacy of our families, to the extent that we will exclude any applicants we feel will not live up to the high standards we set as a company”.

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