Collab.Land Token Invites Two Million Members Across Thousands of Communities to Govern Together

DENVER, Feb. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collab.Land, the creator and market leader of token-gating, is making waves with a token distribution to over two million unique members, making it the largest ever in the history of crypto.

Over 43,000 tokenized communities rely on Collab.Land to seamlessly grant token-based access to exclusive content and chats. Collab.Land is a versatile and well-regarded service in the wider blockchain ecosystem serving 23 Layer1 blockchains and Layer2 scaling solutions, including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Flow, Polygon, and Solana.

The Collab.Land token will engage the community in multiple ways. A sponsored claim will be available for verified members and Collab.Land NFT holders. The top 100 Collab.Land communities will have the opportunity to claim tokens through a Collab.Land proposal process. Communities included are Parallel, Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi, World of Women, Adidas, Pudgy Penguins, Doodles, BanklessDAO and many more.

The total retroactive distribution to NFT holders, verified members, and top 100 communities adds up to 25% of the token supply.

“This distribution is just the beginning. We are working towards creating a positive sum future where developers, creators and members share in the value of the network they are building together…innovation, safety and security are paramount to success, and we are proud to lead the charge,” said James Young, CEO of Abridged, makers of Collab.Land.

Collab.Land is launching its token, DAO and community as an Optimism first collective, following in the footsteps of public goods, impact-based continuous token distributions, and ushering in mass adoption of Layer2s.

"It’s exciting to see a community-driven project like Collab.Land launch their DAO on Optimism,” said Julien Boedec, Head of Partnerships at OP Labs. “With a shared commitment to a positive sum future where public goods are supported and communities are governed by engaged members, the Optimism ecosystem is a perfect place for Collab.Land to grow and thrive.”

As the crypto market cooled off, community growth sustained. Collab.Land saw its largest bot installs ever this month, a 25% increase over bull market numbers. And community wallet verifications are up as well from just over 6.6 million connections in October 2022 to over 8.2 million wallet connections today.

With the Collab.Land token, developers can apply to the upcoming Marketplace and community members can vote on a range of governance decisions. The Marketplace is set to revolutionize the distribution of web3 apps, providing startups and builders with a platform to reach a wider token-native audience and grow together. Communities will discover, use, and support the apps they care about.

This strategic move is aimed at supporting community growth and success while promoting collaboration and engagement within the Collab.Land ecosystem. Collab.Land is working hard to ensure communities remain a top priority in web3.

Collab.Land has maintained a community-centered approach from day one. The Colorado Digital Co-op structure for the Collab.Land DAO, known as the Collab.Land Co-op, is another reflection of that core principle as this structure ensures that decisions remain community-led.

To find out more, visit: Collab.Land

About Collab.Land

Since 2020, Collab.Land has risen to the top of the blockchain space, supporting millions of members and leading the way in community management.

The Collab.Land bot is an automated community management tool that curates membership based on token ownership. We begin with initial verification, confirming that each prospective member possesses the required token(s) to join and participate in your community, and follow up with routine checks to confirm members continuously satisfy your community’s requirements.

The mission is to empower tokenized communities with member verification and collaboration tools to build mutually-aligned interest systems and create positive-sum change.


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