Yellow Corporation Recognizes Its 2022 Million Mile Drivers

Overall, 298 Yellow professional drivers achieved one million miles or more of safe driving last year.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yellow Corporation (NASDAQ: YELL) is proud to congratulate its professional drivers who, in 2022, achieved the milestone of driving more than one million miles without a single preventable accident.

In 2022, four Yellow drivers reached the four million mile safe-driving milestone, while 32 drivers surpassed three million miles. Overall, 298 Yellow drivers achieved a status of one million miles or more of safe driving, as of last year.

To put into perspective what is required to drive one million miles without a preventable accident – it typically takes a decade of professional truck driving experience and is equal to making two trips to the Moon and back.

“This is just a tremendous accomplishment and we are so proud of all our drivers who reached a million mile status last year,” said Tamara Jalving, Yellow Vice President of Safety and Talent Acquisition. “Our Million Mile drivers are part of an elite and exclusive club. They embody our safety vision and truly act as safety leaders where they work and live.”

Yellow drivers who reached four million miles of safe driving in 2022 are:

  • Michael Baldwin - Aurora, Co.
  • Lawrence Steffel - Chicago Heights, Ill.
  • Lloyd Spearman - Memphis, Tenn.
  • Steven Kenemuth - Copley, Ohio

Yellow drivers who reached three million miles in 2022 are:

  • Marvin Colbert – Fresno, Calif.
  • Pedro Fuentes – Santa Clara, Calif.
  • Marcus Goodrich – Aurora, Co.
  • Donald Anson – Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Shannon Hise – Atlanta, Ill.
  • Nicholas Golich – Chicago Heights, Ill.
  • Milan Vranjes – Chicago Heights, Ill.
  • Henry Keys – Edwardsville, Ill.
  • Randall Deters – Wyoming, Mich.
  • Steve Duncan – Kansas City, Mo.
  • Terry Cooper – Olive Branch, Miss.
  • Eduardo Braun – Olive Branch, Miss.
  • Darren Freeman – Charlotte, N.C.
  • Raymond Shamblen – Copley, Ohio
  • Bernard Drexler – Copley, Ohio
  • Jeffrey Rose – Copley, Ohio
  • Douglas Skamer – Copley, Ohio
  • Elbert McNeely – Oklahoma City, Ok.
  • William Crawford – Memphis, Tenn.
  • Kenneth Clarett – Memphis, Tenn.
  • Terry Mingle – Nashville, Tenn.
  • Jimmy Kirby – Nashville, Tenn.
  • Gary Murley – Nashville, Tenn.
  • Terry Brown – Nashville, Tenn.
  • Lee Gaskin – Irving, Texas
  • Henry Whitley – Irving, Texas
  • James Ellis – Irving, Texas
  • Charley Bradley – Irving, Texas
  • Mark Smith – Irving, Texas
  • Jeffrey Payne – Cedar City, Utah
  • Marlin Allington – West Valley City, Utah
  • James Schroeder – Nennah, Wisc.

“The number of Yellow drivers who join the Million Mile status each year is another testament to the fact that we have the best people in the industry,” said Darren Hawkins, Yellow’s CEO. “Their leadership, dedication and focus on safety every day they are behind the wheel is commendable, and I’m so proud to have these drivers on our team.”

Since 2008, more than 361 Yellow drivers have achieved a safe driving milestone of three million miles or more. In the past decade, eight drivers have had the distinction of achieving five million safe driving miles.

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