Arist Launches Sidekick, First Generative AI Corporate Learning Design Tool

Arist Sidekick Lowers Corporate Learning Creation Times by Over 80%

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arist has become the first corporate learning tool to integrate generative AI. Sidekick — the first generative AI course builder — uses AI specifically to craft bit-size learning moments and deliver it the Arist way, in messaging apps like MS Teams, Slack, and SMS.

On average, an hour of corporate learning curriculum requires over 40 hours to create. Meanwhile, studies have shown that the Arist platform can accelerate this creation time by more than 80%. Sidekick increases efficiency gains even further and aids learning teams in two of their largest problem areas: improving the speed and cost of corporate learning creation, and generating more timely and relevant learning content.

Michael Ioffe, co-founder and CEO of Arist, notes, "Too many people are talking about AI instead of using AI to make life easier and smarter. We saw the potential of AI in how it can help learning teams create courses even faster and in line with our philosophy of delivering learning in the flow of work — in the communication tools and apps they already use. This is just the first step in how AI will support our customers and their learners and we're excited to continue to develop AI to make learning and course creation even easier and more enjoyable — with results."

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick uses Open AI's generative AI capabilities to create learning moments that utilize the latest learning science and the Arist course model. The Arist course model is built around spaced repetition,  behavioral nudges, and best practices in behavior change science for building new skills. Leveraging Arist's messaging app-based delivery methods, this near-instantaneous course-content creation can then be delivered to learners at scale in major messaging apps that are checked an average of every six minutes throughout the work day. Beyond simply reaching learners, Sidekick provides a firehose of quality learning content that learners love. While the average net promoter score for learners in learning management systems ranges between -57 and 9, Arist learners report a net promoter score of 90.  

About Arist

Arist began as a way to deliver learning reliably within warzones. Today, Arist provides an enterprise platform for creating, delivering, and measuring bite-size courses and comms in the flow of tools like Slack, SMS, and Teams. At last — the right learning, delivered at the right place, and at the right time.

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