DIOS hits interesting copper drilling intercepts on K2 project, James Bay, Quebec

MONTREAL, Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dios Exploration drilled significant copper intercepts in Fall program completed on October 21 on K2, James Bay, southwest of favourable gold-bearing Patwon & Barrick shears in dacite (volcanics) and gabbro/quartz porphyry bodies. Copper metal is necessary to decarbonization and energy transition, such as lithium.

Dios hit 35.2 m @ 1645 ppm Cu &1.93 g/t Ag and 28.5 m @ 1032 ppm Cu & 0.28 g/t Ag.

Extensive one km long PP-5 conductor was well outlined by last Fall IP survey, also coincidental with Badji showing (5.05% copper 5.39 g/t gold, 111 g/t silver with cm pyrite-chalcopyrite stringers in foliated and strongly sericitized dacite) and historical SDBJ showing (1.08% Cu & 13.8 g/t Ag). PP-5 was tested by 6 holes (1 to 5 & 11) cutting several decametric silicified dacite with disseminated PY-PO-CPY (& stringers) and QFP (quartz-feldspar porphyry) with 1-5% disseminated (& stringers) pyrite.

gold (g/t)Silver
175.8076.3010150.1931.9 0.50QFP3% Pyrite stringers
1166.35166.853120.1951.5 0.50DACITE5% PY stringers
1206.00206.505000.2431.2 0.50QFP2% PY disseminated
2171.50172.006450.1390.9 0.50GABBRO3% PY 1% ChalcoPyrite
315.7651.0016450.0131.93 35.24DACITE1% PY, TR-1% CPY
327.0028.0558700.0606.0 1.05DACITE1% PY, 1-2% CPY
348.0049.0084900.08610.1 1.00DACITE1% PO, 1-2% CPY
3206.00206.50960.4240.4 0.50DACITE1% PY, TR-CPY
48.0036.5010320.0241.28 28.50DACITE1% PO, TR-1% CPY
419.8020.5534000.1414.7 0.75DACITE1-2% PO-PY, 1%CPY
5111.00129.15 0.005  28.15QFPSIlica++ 4-5% PY
11117.75156.85 0.005  39.10QFPSIlica- BO- 1-5%PY
11169.60170.3523500.057  0.75QFP20%PO 5%CPY strgs

Hole 10 hit 3.64g/t gold, 1.11g/t silver, 0.55% zinc over 0.5 m in volcanic tuff with 1-2% PO-SP (-CPY) stringers (120-120.5 m depth) along 400 m-long PP-10 IP conductor.   Such tuff represents a volcanism break, follow-up should be pursued this horizon extent.

Some 600m west of PP-10 and 300 m south of PP-5, 800m-long PP-9 conductor in strike with Shiva showings yielded 2.12 gold and 1.35g/t Au from sulfurized dacites intruded by gabbro dykes. PP-9 drilled by holes 06 &07 includes following results:

637.0037.500.7380.50GABBRO5%PO, TR-CPY in qz-cb veinlet
674.5075.500.1641.00DACITE10%PY,1%PO, TR-CPY in qz-cb vein
v6230.50231.002.200.50QFP5%PO, 5%SP in qz-cb vein
792.4593.000.3240.95DACITE1%CPY,1%PY-PO in qz-cb vein
7120.50121.000.3240.50DACITECm qz vein

Further NE, hole 13 hit 20-40% pyrite in a 0.5m-thick dacitic tuff (37.75-38.25m). About 200m north, prospecting returned 2.19 & 1.24g/t gold from grab-samples on quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite veins.

Along the 600m-long PP-1 conductor, 2022 surface prospecting yielded 1.425, 0.747 and 0.535g/t gold from mineralized quartz veins in (or in contact to) the gabbro. Hole 12 cut a foliated gabbro with 5% quartz-carbonate veinlets-veins & 0.5-1% PO-PY (6-114.25m).

The 500m-long PP-3 was tested by K2-22-08, intersecting a sheared gabbro with 3-4% quartz-carbonate veinlets & 1% PO, TR-CPY (33.50-48.55m).

A few km SW, Dios had discovered up to 8.28 % Cu at Kali Lake, 3.71 % Cu at Attila (8.08 g/t Au) and 6.42 % Cu at Curry.

Dios just received the report dated February 15 from its Geological Consultants on prospecting, rock sampling and diamond drilling. Dios drilled 13 holes for 2540 meters by helicopter on ten favourable Induced Polarization conductors, associated with surface gold-silver-copper grab-samples and/or soil-samples. Prospecting on IP conductors in September and drilling program ended October 21, with last core sent to ALS Val d’Or in mid-November, was supervised by Harold Desbiens M.Sc. P.Geo & 43-101 QP. (1304 core samples (10% blanks) and 101 grab samples (not representative of whole property).

Dios also currently works on 4-5 lithium projects with significant lithium inprint signature and other critical elements in James Bay, Quebec. Lithium metal is necessary to decarbonization and energy transition.

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Contact information :
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