Clarification on StrataGen Systems, Inc. Relationship With NYCTA's Access-A-Ride Program

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StrataGen Systems, Inc. ("StrataGen") provides clarification on its relationship with New York City Transit Authority ("NYCTA") and provides comments on a recently published article. 

StrataGen's longtime relationship with NYCTA goes back to 2001, when NYCTA's current Real Time Scheduling & Computer Automated Dispatch ("RTS-CAD") system was installed. Over the past 20+ years, NYCTA has invested tens of millions of dollars in the evolution of the product and RTS-CAD has been fully customized to include apps, interfaces, custom modules, features and functions that are designed to meet the exact needs of NYCTA. That system boasts the world's best and patented routing and scheduling algorithm and is currently in use by NYCTA to facilitate its para-transit operations and is maintained and supported by StrataGen. Irrespective of all recent events, StratagGen is fully committed to provide ongoing system maintenance and support to ensure NYCTA's para-transit remains fully operational during this process.  

While NYCTA has made a decision to terminate the contract, which is comprised of Automatic Vehicle Location Management ("AVLM") and RTS-CAD systems, StrataGen strongly believes that this is a case of "termination for convenience" and intends to vigorously dispute any suggestions made by NYCT otherwise. 

StrataGen's AVLM has been in production since 2020 and was in use by NYTCA until January 21, 2023; NYCTA had beneficial use of the system during that time. The article refers to improved on-time performance during the month of January 2023; it is important to note that StrataGen AVLM system was fully operational and utilized by NYCTA during that time. NYTCA has demonstrated, with the help of StrataGen's AVLM system, increased on-time performance, improved rider experience, and drivers providing improved assistance in helping their ADA passengers meet their daily transportation needs. StrataGen is alarmed to learn that NYCTA is installing iPads in the para-transit vehicles with the intention of connecting them to the original RTS-CAD system. If any confidential or proprietary information pertaining to the RTS-CAD system is disclosed to the third-party vendors or they have been granted permission to access StrataGen's system, database, schemas, and proprietary tools and utilities, then there is a possibility that they might be in breach of StrataGen's non-disclosure, confidentiality, and/or software license agreements. StrataGen will fully investigate this matter and take appropriate action.

It is also important to note that the delays pertaining to the new RTS-CAD project were caused by both NYCTA and StrataGen. In early 2022, the parties mutually agreed to continue with the project under a new schedule and StrataGen delivered the first set of requirements in the summer of 2022, passing the agreed upon Acceptance Test Procedures and Criteria. 

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