PetFriendly Launches Unique Dog Dental Care Treatment in Celebration of Pet Dental Health Month

Omaha, NE, Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For nearly 5 years, PetFriendly has delivered over one million flea & tick treatments protecting hundreds of thousands of pets. Last year, the Company added its first non-flea and tick product to the monthly box — a daily multivitamin for dogs.

This month, with a Pet Dental Health Month backdrop, the Company added another product to their catalog — Brilliant!™ Dental Care for Dogs. “After flea & tick protection, dental is one of the leading indications for pet health,” said founder and CEO of PetFriendly, Aaron Shaddy. “This is a big step towards our vision to deliver everything pet parents need to take care of their pet’s health in a convenient monthly box.”

An internal study found that 60% of pet parents rarely or never brush their dogs’ teeth. This coincides with the fact that many cats and dogs develop periodontal disease before the age of three (American Veterinary Medical Assocation, 2023). With this in mind, the Company set out to provide an easy way for pet parents to prolong their dog’s dental health. 

“Brilliant! is unlike any other dental product for dogs,” said Tracy Isenberg, LVT, veterinarian technician for PetFriendly. “We know brushing teeth can be hard and annual dental cleanings are expensive and risky. That’s why we wanted to provide a product that would be easy to use and super effective at killing bacteria and preventing gum disease.”

The pet care subscription company specializes in custom pet products that are veterinarian-formulated and made in the USA and Germany from globally-sourced ingredients.

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About: PetFriendly is a subscription pet wellness company that provides safe, effective, and vet-quality pet care products for dogs and cats.

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