Vortic Watch Company releases new docuseries chronicling 6-year David and Goliath battle with Swatch Group

The YouTube series and upcoming book, “Upcycling the American Dream: The Story of Hamilton v. Vortic,” documents the company’s victory in a lawsuit filed by Hamilton Watch International, a Swatch Group brand

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vortic Watch Company, a northern Colorado-based small-batch, custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company, today announced the launch of its docuseries, “Upcycling the American Dream: The Story of Hamilton v. Vortic,” to commemorate the third anniversary of the company’s win in a federal trademark case filed against Vortic by Swatch brand Hamilton.

“Three years ago I sat in a courtroom defending my American dream. The Swatch Group was trying to condemn Vortic’s entire business model and the upcycling industry as a whole. We stuck it out and took on Goliath,” said R.T. Custer, Co-founder and CEO of Vortic Watch Company. “Today — just over three years since that initial victory in New York — we are delighted to announce the launch of the first chapter of our book. Friends, family and our customers have been asking for years, ‘when’s the book coming out?’ and I’m proud to say I’m finally writing it. This documentary is the first step, and I’m excited to help other entrepreneurs learn from our mistakes and maybe inspire others with our victory.”

In the decision made in the Southern District of New York and affirmed by the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals, Judge Alison Nathan ruled in favor of Vortic on all counts and determined Vortic has the right to salvage and restore antique pocket watches — including those that bear the Hamilton trademark — and turn them into unique wristwatches. 

“Winning that case wasn’t just a victory for R.T. and Vortic, but for all small businesses that preserve history or repurpose antiques,” said Robert D. Lantz, attorney at law, Castle Lantz Maricle, LLC. “Working alongside the Vortic team — which displayed immense courage and resilience throughout the entire process — was an honor. This victory illustrates that even small businesses can defend themselves against big corporations with the right team, strategy and an unwavering commitment to their dream.”

The trailer and chapter one of the docuseries are available starting today. Vortic will continue to release a chapter detailing the company’s unique startup journey and lawsuit story via its YouTube page each Friday, with the goal of releasing “The Upcycled American Dream: The Story of Hamilton v. Vortic” as a book with an adjoining full documentary on July 4. To preorder the book or be alerted when the next chapter is available, visit www.vorticwatches.com/victory

For more information about how Vortic Watch Company preserves the tradition of building in the United States, please visit VorticWatches.com.

About Vortic Watch Company
Established in 2014, Vortic Watch Company is a custom watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a mission to preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America, Vortic has built a name for itself by resurrecting the former glory of American watchmaking. Vortic’s unique approach begins with a piece of history itself — each Vortic timepiece starts with an antique pocket watch movement and dial from an American heritage brand. Vortic surrounds these historic internals with brand new wristwatch cases made of Colorado-machined titanium, blending the latest manufacturing practices with authentic pieces of American manufacturing history.



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