Bishop Fox Cosmos Maintains Leadership Position in GigaOm Attack Surface Management Radar

High-touch, white-glove delivery methodology sets Bishop Fox apart from competition, according to GigaOm

PHOENIX, Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bishop Fox, the leading authority in offensive security, today announced that its Cosmos platform has retained its leadership position in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant of the GigaOm Radar Report for Attack Surface Management (ASM). Previously the only company to hold a leader designation in the quadrant, the most recent report shows “Fast Mover” Bishop Fox continuing to differentiate itself in its combination of maturity and platform breadth and depth.

Most notably, GigaOm stated that “Cosmos sets itself apart from the competition through its high-touch, white-glove delivery methodology.” The report notes that, unlike many vendors who only employ human expertise in the discovery phase, Bishop Fox delivers this advantage throughout every phase of attack surface management and continuous testing. GigaOm added, “If this human element was considered important previously, it should now be viewed as critical for most organizations that are feeling the pain created by the tight labor market.”

The GigaOm report offers an in-depth overview of the growing list of vendors in the ASM space, evaluating solutions’ deployment model and ability to serve a specific market category based on key criteria and evaluation metrics. Bishop Fox was rated exceptional for Mid-Market and Large Enterprise customers. The company also achieved exceptional ratings for Flexibility in Asset Discovery, Active Assessment, and Risk Scoring, as well as Frequency of Discovery, Licensing, and User Experience.

GigaOm analyst and report author Chris Ray offered, “The Cosmos solution’s ability to continuously discover the diverse assets in an organization’s attack surface is excellent, and it can inventory and provide attribution for those assets.” He added, “The Cosmos platform delivers broad, powerful discovery features that underpin all other capabilities. This solution uses a hybrid approach, combining humans with machine learning in all stages to deliver a unified, comprehensive ASM solution.”

“Cosmos was built from nearly two decades of offensive security engagements and is a force multiplier for our team, who represent the industry’s largest and most experienced group of offensive security experts,” said Vincent Liu, CEO at Bishop Fox. “We continue to invest in innovating new functionality, knowing that Cosmos is not only our future, but is also driving the future of offensive security.”

Launched in February 2020, Bishop Fox’s Cosmos platform proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and remediate high-risk exposures. Cosmos was purpose-built to outpace modern attackers, proactively protect highly dynamic IT environments, and overcome the failings of traditional solutions that bury security teams in alerts. Cosmos’ automation engine is continually updated and improved, honing decision-making skills and testing methodologies to sift out the noise and deliver a stream of prioritized, high-fidelity leads to a highly skilled team of human operators for testing and validation. These operators are also available to provide expert guidance and post-remediation retesting to ensure gaps are effectively closed. This is in stark contrast to other technology-only approaches that deliver generic reports, passive guidance, and results that are unverified and unprioritized.

The platform today:

  • Executes more than 110 billion operations per year and identifies an exploitable exposure on each customer’s perimeter on average every 2.5 days
  • Reduces by 82% the time to remediate critical vulnerabilities
  • Eliminates 93% of resource requirements and more than 5,000 hours of yearly vulnerability triage
  • Delivers a 14-to-1 average yearly ROI

About Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox is the leading authority in offensive security, providing solutions ranging from continuous penetration testing, red teaming, and attack surface management to product, cloud, and application security assessments. We’ve worked with more than 25% of the Fortune 100, half of the Fortune 10, eight of the top 10 global technology companies, and all of the top global media companies to improve their security. Our Cosmos platform was named Best Emerging Technology in the 2021 SC Media Awards and our offerings are consistently ranked as “world class” in customer experience surveys. We’ve been actively contributing to and supporting the security community for almost two decades and have published more than 16 open-source tools and 50 security advisories in the last five years. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter.


Kevin Kosh
Senior Director of Communications
Bishop Fox