HyperTrack Extends Leadership in Last Mile Logistics with New Capabilities to Improve On-Demand Order Fulfillment of Goods and Services

New BuilderX Capabilities Include Improved Order Lifecycle API, Logistics Map, and Driver Software Development Kit

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HyperTrack, the leader in APIs for on-demand labor, field work and delivery, today announced new features to its last mile logistics platform, including a new Logistics Map that provides granular insight into the entire order fulfillment process and significant enhancements to its Orders API and driver app development kit (SDK), to power the most advanced last mile technology stacks across industries.

“HyperTrack is laser-focused on continually enhancing our product offering to provide the most advanced last mile logistics solutions to our customers and to the market,” said Kashyap Deorah, founder and CEO of HyperTrack. “Our comprehensive APIs with new capabilities for end-to-end order fulfillment ensure that logistics teams have access to the tools needed to develop the most sophisticated last mile solutions for on-demand labor, field service, field sales and delivery with critical insight into order lifecycles.”

Improve Fulfillment Accuracy with Orders API

HyperTrack’s Orders API combines the power of live location with order batching and routing into one API to help logistics teams plan, assign, and track orders for on-demand and same day use cases. With new dynamic order planning for same day fulfillment, businesses can now batch and route orders by incorporating a driver’s live location and work status into a maximized fleet, increasing operational efficiency and improving the utilization of on-demand labor and gig workers, delivery drivers, and field service workers completing orders. With more efficient planning, operations teams can now fulfill on-demand orders that have short customer fulfillment promises such as two to four hours.

Streamline Field Efficiency with Industry’s First Logistics Map Tool

HyperTrack is introducing the first Logistics Map, a global map developed using tracking data from millions of orders that addresses specific requirements of logistics fulfillment and aligns with the ground truth behavior of delivery and gig workers. For example, rather than be routed to a parking structure that is difficult and time consuming to navigate, delivery drivers will be routed to the most convenient temporary stopping zone using the Logistics Map. HyperTrack’s Logistics Map gives teams the ability to automate the correction of addresses and geofences, and provides the tools to intelligently identify service times and route deviations. With this granular map data, operations teams can capture service times and deviations quickly and use per-order data to improve overall performance and efficiency in the field.

Make Real-Time Operational Decisions with Driver-Focused Software Development Kit

HyperTrack’s Software Development Kit (SDK) powers applications across the globe for organizations managing deliveries, visits, and rides for their fleets. The new and improved zero-code API is easy to use and integrate with existing applications and gives developers the tools to build systems that react to errors in real time. Upgraded with features that focus on driver behavior, the new SDK enables logistics operators to make immediate decisions based on live data from driver applications. Additional upgrades include push notification integration for iOS with improved battery usage and reliability.

As part of its mission to drive innovation in the logistics space, HyperTrack is bringing together industry leaders for its Executive Roundtable series to offer a candid discussion on how they are solving the most complex challenges to meet the needs of on-demand commerce. Click here to attend a session in New York on March 9th, Atlanta on March 30th, or nominate your city to host the next event.

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