Solful Launches Line of Pre-Rolls Using Sun-Grown, Handpicked Flower Sourced Directly from Local Craft Cannabis Farmers

In an evolution of its branded flower program, Solful combines the highest quality flower with delicate production and the best papers to create the perfect pre-roll

Sebastopol, CA, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solful, a sustainable cannabis retail brand with award-winning dispensaries in Northern California, is now offering Solful Handpicked Pre-Rolls crafted with sun-grown flower sourced directly from Solful’s farm partners. The new craft pre-rolls are an evolution of Solful’s flower program, which features high quality genetics and the highest sourcing standards in the industry.

“Creating the perfect pre-roll has been a longtime goal for us and rooted in our relationships with local cannabis farmers,” said Eli Melrod, CEO and co-founder of Solful. “Our new Solful pre-roll line is a true expression of what we believe makes great cannabis. From genetics to cultivation to harvest, the way Solful’s flower is grown and the small batch rolling process is what drives a quality smoking experience.”

Solful’s pre-rolls include Handpicked and Handpicked Reserve selections in four effect states: Uplifting Sativa, Unwinding Indica, Balancing Hybrid, and CBD-Rich. Each features flower harvested at peak ripeness and handled with care to ensure freshness and preservation of trichomes. Each strain will be offered in a 0.6g single size as well as a 5-pack tin of 0.6g pre-rolls. The new Solful Handpicked Pre-Rolls are priced at Handpicked single/$8, Handpicked Reserve single/$10, Handpicked 5-pack tin/$35, and Handpicked Reserve tin/$40. All are now available at Solful dispensaries in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and the new San Francisco store on Irving Street.

Solful seeks out unique and different strains, and approaches to breeding, to bring customers diversity and a wide selection of flower

The first release of the Solful Handpicked Pre-Rolls feature nine different strains of pre-rolls from five of Northern California’s most celebrated craft cannabis farms, including Alpenglow Farms, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, Esensia, Heartrock Mountain Farm, and Moon Gazer Farms.

Flower strains were hand-selected by the Solful team, and include Coyote Blue, Grapes and Cream, Honey Dew, Love and Laughter, Magic Moonbeam, Papaya Valley Goo #1, Pennywise, Pink Boost Goddess, and Strawberry Banana.

Quality flower plus paper, production, and process create the perfect pre-roll

Working with the farmers directly, coupled with a meticulous quality control process and sustainable packaging, Solful aims to bring the highest quality flower to its store shelves. Months of research and attention to detail went into creating the ultimate farm-fresh smoking experience. Solful chose to wrap the pre-rolls in Elements' ultra-thin rice rolling papers made from plants grown in true natural soils and a natural tree-sap Acacia gum using renewable energy (including wind and solar). Down to the rolling precision, these papers provide a premium smoking experience, burning perfectly without affecting the flavor of the flower.

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About Solful
Founded in 2016, Solful is a sustainable cannabis brand with award-winning dispensaries in Northern California’s Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and most recently, San Francisco. Solful is recognized for its broad selection of high-quality, locally sourced cannabis products, industry-leading in-store experience, and commitment to making a meaningful impact in the Northern California community and beyond. Solful is the only California dispensary that directly sources 100% of its flower from local farms to bring its customers the cleanest and highest quality cannabis.

Under the leadership of Eli Melrod, co-founder and CEO, Solful directly manages its supply chain to ensure that every cannabis product sourced was planted, grown, nurtured, trimmed and packaged according to the highest standards of care. The company is also known for its emphasis on helping bring customers health and happiness. Making cannabis training, education, and culture a priority, Solful has reinvented the cannabis retail space.

For more information, contact Sebastopol C10-0000066-LIC | Santa Rosa C10-0001000-LIC | San Francisco C10-0001161-LIC | High Tide MFG, Inc: C11-0000597-LIC. Follow Solful on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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