MadTech Launches MadConnect, Industry’s First Systems Integration Platform Facilitating Interoperability Across the Advertising Ecosystem

Facebook, Google, Comscore, The Trade Desk, mParticle, and Bing are among more than two dozen built-in, one-to-many connections at launch

NEW YORK, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MadTech, a leading product-led consultancy focused on advertising and media, is announcing the availability of MadConnect, a connector hub for data interoperability that solves some of the advertising industry's biggest issues around the privacy-safe transfer and normalization of data between platforms.

As the advertising industry prepares for a widespread third-party signal loss, brands and publishers have increased need to license multiple platforms (i.e. CDPs, clean rooms) to execute their first-party data strategies. These platforms require interoperability with each other to justify their investment. However, the cost of building and maintaining connectors across platforms can be a toll on engineering resources. MadConnect solves the dual interoperability and resource challenges plaguing the industry.

Through a single API-Connector, MadConnect enables plug-and-play connections, giving platforms access to all other leading advertising technology and data platforms. Using the MadConnect “connector as a service” system, it becomes simple to access CDPs, clean rooms, DSPs, data and identity platforms and ad servers, amongst others. This dramatically reduces lagging integration timelines, increases speed-to-market, and brings cost and time efficiency to partner management.

“As the ad industry moves closer to an era without third-party cookies, brands and publishers have become much more interested in finding ways to activate their first-party data,” said Michael Katz, CEO of mParticle. “What they are finding is that the current third-party cookie infrastructure doesn’t support their future needs. This has exponentially increased the demand for building connectors across platforms. A tool like MadConnect allows platforms to quickly integrate with the other tools and solutions that advertisers and publishers need in order to build and execute effective first-party data strategies across this new era.”

MadConnect is end-to-end encrypted and uses the SOC 2 security framework that specifies how organizations should protect customer data from unauthorized access, security incidents, and other vulnerabilities.

The MadConnect platform is already connected to top advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Comscore, The Trade Desk, mParticle, Bing, and more. Users can make one-way or two-way round trip connections via API Connector, providing unlimited data transfer, governed through a simple web interface and monthly subscription. This allows companies across the digital ad ecosystem to invest more heavily in innovation, rather than devoting engineering hours to integrations.

“MadConnect is our first effort in bringing forth a solution to address the challenge of interoperability across the digital advertising ecosystem. With the elimination of cookies, brands, publishers, agencies and anyone with a first-party data strategy will have to plug in to any number of clean rooms, CDPs, DMPs and core programmatic platforms like SSPs and DSPs in order to facilitate and activate privacy compliant digital advertising efforts,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of MadTech. “Developing and maintaining integrations across the myriad of ad platforms is a massive development task that eats away at time and resources. Using MadConnect will eliminate the need to maintain these integrations internally, in a process that takes around 15 minutes to onboard. This allows development teams more time to focus on building and innovating on their core products.”

About MadTech
MadTech is a technology and consulting practice focused on helping brands, publishers and agencies craft and implement effective advertising tech stacks and first-party data strategies. Led by Bob Walczak, MadTech provides cutting-edge technology solutions and dedicated industry specialists to solve complex problems presented by a fragmented digital advertising ecosystem. MadConnect, the company’s proprietary systems integration technology, addresses one of digital media’s biggest engineering challenges, facilitating connections and transactions across the vast digital advertising ecosystem.

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