Emerge Launches Carrier Scorecards to Provide Transparency for Partners and Additional Capacity Options

Shippers can easily upload individual performance data and access FMCSA Safety and Operational details to support carrier selection in the awards process.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emerge, the leading Freight Procurement Platform, announces the launch of Carrier Scorecards, a new data-rich feature of the company's Dynamic RFP solution. This technology puts known and new carrier performance metrics at a shipper’s fingertips when reviewing RFP bids from partners and sourcing new capacity. Shippers can now easily consider safety, performance, and cost when creating an awards strategy.

"The latest enhancement to our industry-leading RFP solution, Carrier Scorecards, provides easy access to critical metrics, helping shippers make data-enabled carrier decisions,” said George Abernathy, President of Emerge. "Since being formed in 2017, Emerge has been a game-changer in freight procurement, and we continue to explore ways to add value for our customers with enhancements like Carrier Scorecards."

Easily prioritize quality and performance when evaluating carrier bids.

Shippers using the Emerge Dynamic RFP can include their established Network Partners alongside marketplace carriers as part of the bid process. Whether the number is 20 or 100, maintaining critical information about partner performance can be time-consuming and require gathering data from multiple sources.

Emerge Carrier Scorecards technology streamlines the process allowing shippers to assess critical information in a single view. Shippers can assign grades to Network Partners and upload performance metrics around on-time pick-up, delivery, tracking, and acceptance rates. In addition, shippers have the ability to evaluate marketplace carriers before finalizing awards. Scorecards are automatically updated with safety ratings, OOS inspections, and other operational details as available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Avoid service issues and costly fines with visibility to current carrier-specific metrics. 

Having carriers that are fully vetted for regulatory compliance and safety can help shippers avoid accidents and fines, which impact customer service, overall transportation costs, and reputation. Shippers can identify gaps in performance with a specific carrier, allowing the shipper to proactively address the issues preventing a potential service failure.

With Carrier Scorecards, shippers have the critical metrics they need to prioritize quality and performance while evaluating optimization scenarios. If a shipper needs additional capacity or a niche carrier for a unique lane, the Emerge Marketplace can augment the company's Network Partners. This allows shippers to grow their networks and access capacity with confidence.

About Emerge

Emerge is revolutionizing the freight industry through its award-winning Freight Procurement Platform. Built by freight professionals for freight professionals, Emerge offers solutions that enhance the procurement process and provide current benchmarking data, enabling shippers and carriers to make more empowered strategic decisions. The market response has been tremendous and Emerge has been recognized nationally and locally for its rapid growth. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Emerge was founded by industry leader Andrew Leto in 2017.


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Emerge Launches Carrier Scorecards

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