GEX Significantly Grows Client Base; Announces “Hypergrowth” Phase III Roadmap

Dallas, TX., March 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GEX Management Inc (OTC Pink: GXXM), a Dallas based management consulting company, today announced a significant growth in its Managed Service Provider (MSP) partnership model, resulting in GEX consultants servicing the largest number of Fortune 100 firms so far in the history of the company. Sri Vanamali, the CEO of GEX Management said, “A few years ago, when I announced the shift in the company’s focus away from a low margin, backend-staffing business to the higher margin, management consulting business model with a goal of capturing revenue streams from the largest global corporations in the United States, we received a lot of skepticism about the viability of this strategy. Today, I am proud to say that not only have we demonstrated a proven track record of performing successfully in this space, but we have also expanded our MSP partnerships by over 200% over the last four years and, in the process, grown our Fortune 100 end-client base by over 150% during the same time period. At the same time, we have consistently grown our revenue by over 100% each year, despite the various macroeconomic and operational challenges that our business sector has faced over the last few years.”

While GEX experimented with a couple of new growth areas in 2021-22, the company under the current leadership has re-focused its efforts on driving revenue via the MSP model and simultaneously announced the launch of its Phase 3 initiatives to fully take advantage of the significantly expanded client relationships. “Phase 1 of our strategic roadmap involved building out the Management Consulting business model, while Phase II involved accelerating our MSP partnership model to expand our enterprise corporate client base. I am very excited to announce Phase III of our corporate strategy roadmap which will involve building out our proprietary technology platform and product base to complement our full spectrum of enterprise consulting business suite offerings. This will also be a key component of the value proposition to our fully funded as well as independent sponsor private equity clients as we build out our management consulting service offerings as a key value driver of the PE “buy & build” strategy. Our focus on value enhancement in the PE model entails the sponsor’s typical 3-5 year investment horizon as well as developing key strategic partnerships during the post recapitalization period and beyond.” said Mr. Vanamali.

The GEX Value Enhancement Framework along with the company’s recent foray into building AI platform competencies via the Enterprise Competency Center (ECC) will be critical drivers of the Phase III strategy as GEX engineers and consultants begin to fully deploy cutting edge AI solution architectures and business process frameworks into the client ecosystems. “Building a product-based consulting model is in line with similar frameworks developed by IBM, Salesforce, SAP and other enterprise business behemoths. Phase III will be focused on developing a proprietary enterprise solution architecture that will fully integrate the GEX core business service offerings with a product development approach to create a truly best-in-class business model that will result in rapid expansion of our enterprise clientele across industry verticals while significantly growing our revenue streams in the years to come”, said Sri Vanamali. “We look forward to making further announcements related to this progress in our Phase III roadmap and I am very excited to work closely with our institutional investors along with our strategic business partners as we strive to achieve phenomenal success while embarking on this new and exciting journey into the future.”

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