Nautilus Biotechnology Announces “First Access Challenge” Winners

Researchers from Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Brigham Young University and University of Southern California awarded early access to Nautilus’ single-molecule protein analysis platform

SEATTLE, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nautilus Biotechnology, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAUT; or “Nautilus”), a company pioneering a single-molecule protein analysis platform for quantifying the proteome, announced the selection of three research proposals submitted to the First Access Challenge, a competition for furthering high-impact work in proteomics. The winning projects were also revealed at the US HUPO (Human Proteome Organization) 2023 Conference in Chicago, IL.

“We congratulate each of the winners and look forward to the biomedical and life sciences advances that our collaborations may enable," said Parag Mallick, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Scientist of Nautilus. “The response from researchers across the globe to this First Access Challenge has been incredibly rewarding. It has unlocked the type of creativity we hoped to see when we offered them the chance to apply Nautilus’ novel platform to analyze their samples. These remarkable researchers understand how important single-molecule, intact protein analysis – and the resulting sensitivity and dynamic range that our platform is designed to deliver – will be to their explorations of the proteome.”

Chosen from dozens of entries by scientists across a broad spectrum of disciplines, the three projects expect to gain early access to single-molecule proteomic data through Nautilus’ platform to apply to their areas of research:

  • Therapeutics for Acute Kidney Injuries: Joanna Bons, Ph.D., and Jordan Burton, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Scientists in the Schilling Lab at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, will use Nautilus’ Proteome Analysis Platform to investigate total proteome remodeling in acute kidney injuries (AKI) of ischemic-reperfusion injury (IRI) and cisplatin-AKI to identify potential biomarkers or therapeutic targets.

  • Pathology of Pulmonary Fibrosis: Samuel Payne, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Brigham Young University, will apply Nautilus’ Protein Identification by Short Epitope Mapping (PrISM) approach to analyzing a three-dimensional lung alveolar organoid model to better understand the systems biology of organoids, their comparison to real tissue and potential application to the pathology of human diseases.

  • Cancer Therapies for Glioma: Nicholas Graham, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of Southern California, will use Nautilus’ platform to identify protein biomarkers of sensitivity to arginine deprivation-induced cancer cell death, aiming to enable a deeper understanding of metabolic vulnerabilities in glioma, an aggressive brain tumor.

The research teams will work with Nautilus’ scientists to conduct a quantitative, single-molecule analysis of 12 samples, as well as receive a conference travel stipend to present the data and writing assistance for a peer-reviewed journal submission.

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