Smile Health Orthodontics (SHO) Offering Patients “Retainers for Life” Program

At the end of the orthodontic treatment, patients receive a set of custom-made retainers to protect and limit potential shift in tooth position.

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smile Health Orthodontics, which has practice locations in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles along with an at-home concierge service, is now offering patients a Retainers for Life program.

Per the program, at the end of the orthodontic treatment patients receive one set of custom-made retainers, which protect their new beautiful smile and help limit potential shift in tooth position.

If their custom-made retainer breaks or is lost, then patients are entitled to one complimentary replacement per year for 15 years. Patients who need more than one set of retainers in a year can get an additional custom-made retainer for a small co-pay.

“Retainers are just as important as getting your teeth aligned, as they allow patients to keep the beautiful smile that they have worked so hard to obtain,” commented Smile Health Orthodontics’ founder Dr. Deborah Solomon, who is an ABO Board Certified Orthodontist. “I believe that all patients should be offered some sort of `insurance’ on their retainers, because we all know that life happens and retainers can get lost or damaged.”

The Retainers for Life program is offered to all Smile Health Orthodontics patients at an affordable cost when bundled at the beginning of their orthodontic treatment. Patients who have completed their treatment with another orthodontist are also invited to join the program.

About Smile Health Orthodontics and Dr. Deborah Solomon

Dr. Deborah Solomon practiced general dentistry a number of years ago while on active duty in the US Air Force. She pursued her passion for enhancing people’s smile and health, and became a board-certified orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedist specialist. She enjoys seeing her patients in her boutique-style orthodontic offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, where she offers a variety of treatment options. Dr. Deborah Solomon truly cares about her patients, and posts fun educational and informative videos on social media. Learn more at

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Dr. Deborah Solomon

Retainers are made in-house at Smile Health Orthodontics using state-of-the-art SprintRay technology