Toscano Floor Designs Selects Blitzz’s App-Free Video Support to Enhance Installation Process

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blitzz, the live mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced Toscano Floor Designs, a top flooring service provider in New York State, will use its app-free video support platform for sales, managing worksites, and communicating with customers more effectively.

Toscano Floor Designs provides a number of flooring services – from consultation to installation – throughout the state of New York. Because it serves customers across such a large geographic footprint, much of it densely populated, project managers were forced to spend hours driving to and from worksites to ensure projects were on-track and customers were satisfied. If project managers were unable to make it to a worksite, the only option was a phone call, which could lead to vague or inaccurate progress reviews.

Blitzz’s live, one-click, app-free video support software modernizes Toscano’s installation and project management process by allowing its people to remotely evaluate on-site progress, troubleshoot problems, and share updates in real-time. Using Blitzz, a remote project manager simply sends an on-site worker a link via a simple SMS text message. Once clicked, the project manager can see live video streaming through the worker’s camera, allowing them to visually assess the worksite and collaborate via an interactive video call.

“Before Blitzz, we might drive two hours in a single direction during rush-hour traffic from Manhattan to Suffolk just to check on the status of an installation,” said Elizabeth Enriquez, General Manager of Toscano Floor Designs. “With Blitzz, we’re able to do on-site checks virtually, which saves time and money with fewer trips, allowing us to take on more projects and keep our customers satisfied with real-time updates. Blitzz will be essential for us as we look to expand our services beyond New York.”

The primary benefits of using Blitzz include:

  • Reduced operating costs: Less travel means less spending on gas, maintenance, hotels, and other related expenses.
  • Improved communication: Blitzz allows Toscano to have a more interactive experience and support early site preview for installations and consultations.
  • More efficient sales process: Toscano Floor Designs uses Blitzz to remotely assess a prospective customer’s space, provide more accurate quotes, and share initial ideas.
  • No app download required: A supervisor sends an on-site worker a link in a text, and once clicked, the supervisor gets a live view through the worker's smartphone camera.

“Toscano is about quality work and making things easy and convenient for customers,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “We are excited to bring the power of live video support to Toscano to provide the best installation and consultation experience for all customers.”

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About Toscano Floor Designs

Servicing New York and its neighboring states for years, Toscano Floor Designs has a wide range of products, from bamboo flooring to hardwood floor repair materials. Toscano believes that it should all be about the customer. The team’s main goal is to do everything to make everyone satisfied and happy. Along with making every transaction as simple as it can be, Toscano makes it a point to constantly improve services - from hardwood floor installation to repair projects, the customer will get the best value with Toscano.

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