EAB’s Navigate Platform Now Supports Student Recruitment and Retention

EAB expands Navigate’s CRM capabilities to engage prospective students

Tempe, Ariz., March 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EAB announced today an extension of its flagship student success technology, Navigate, to help colleges engage and enroll prospective students. The new Recruitment Management module enhances Navigate’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and allows institutions to recruit and retain students with a single, unified platform. The company partnered with a cohort of community colleges to test and refine the module and is now in the process of making the technology available to additional schools. 

Recruitment Management is a powerful complement to Navigate’s industry-leading student retention features—including onboarding, early alerts, workflow tools, and institutional analytics—already used by more than 850 colleges. The new module enables colleges to create and execute a coordinated communications strategy for prospective students and delivers actionable insight to help campus leaders drive students’ enrollment journeys.

The information applicants share with schools during the recruitment process will populate their Navigate student profiles when they matriculate. This information will help success staff identify students who may need more help to persist through the first year of school and then provide those students with continuous and tailored support to increase retention.

“Our partner institutions told us they wanted one platform they could use to improve student experiences and outcomes,” said President of EAB Technology, Scott Schirmeier. “The new Recruitment Management module responds to those requests and saves staff time by reducing the complexity of redundant processes and systems.”

Prospective students interact with colleges in multiple ways, such as through school websites, recruiting events, or high school visits. However, these channels are often managed by different teams and disconnected technologies. This results in duplication of effort and, in some cases, creates barriers to college access. EAB research shows that even the smallest hurdles can prevent students from applying, enrolling, or persisting.

“Hundreds of students apply to our school each year but never enroll, representing missed opportunities to boost attendance and help more students access higher education,” said Dr. Sandra Davis, Vice President of Student Services at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College. “Now, we can build relationships with interested students in Navigate, a system we already use, so fewer students fall through the cracks.”

“The technology is just one part of the solution,” Schirmeier continued. “As part of the Student Success Collaborative, our partner institutions also gain access to decades of research, an EAB expert dedicated to their success, events designed to disseminate best practices, and a close-knit community of like-minded campus leaders. We are excited to expand the Collaborative’s work to support students before they enroll.”

EAB announced this advancement at the League for Innovation in the Community College Innovations Conference.

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