Running On Recycled Cork: 130 Million Wine Corks Collected For SOLE™ High-Performance Insoles

Sprint Towards a Sustainable Future with SOLE’s Carbon-Negative Recycled Cork Footbeds

VANCOUVER, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading sustainable running insole brand, SOLE, and its innovative cork recycling program, ReCORK™, are proud to announce a significant milestone in their joint efforts to create high-performance, carbon-negative insoles. The two groups have successfully diverted more than 130 million used natural wine corks from going to waste, a testament to the commitment of both organizations. The corks are being recycled in SOLE's latest piece of ultra sustainable running gear, the Performance Medium with Met Pad. This innovation in performance insoles is designed with targeted forefoot support to go the distance minimizing impact to athlete’s bodies, and to the environment.

The footbeds are engineered with a natural recycled cork supportive base, a sustainable and renewable material that is carbon-negative, biodegradable and compostable. The ReCORK program collects and recycles used wine corks into forward-thinking products with the help of over 3,500 eco-conscious collection partners across the continent. Cork’s natural elasticity makes for excellent shock absorption while custom-molding to each person’s unique feet. The result is a sophisticated footbed with a remarkable carbon-negative environmental footprint of -2.28kg CO2e, meaning it removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds.

"We are proud to have reached this significant milestone and are thankful for all who continue to participate in the ReCORK recycling program,” said Mike Baker, Founder of SOLE and ReCORK. "Our Performance Medium with Met Pad footbed is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade underfoot comfort and performance in their pursuits.”

Developed with a trademark density-mapped construction, the Performance Medium with Met Pad maintains the foot’s natural biomechanics for athletes who demand the ultimate combination of dynamic support and comfort. With a built-in metatarsal pad, this insole helps to better position the foot’s natural forefoot padding, and supports the metatarsals in their natural spread. Athletes will especially enjoy the added comfort in the forefoot and overall performance optimization offered by this new product that combines the best in both sustainability and support.

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About ReCORK
ReCORK™ creates high-performance, carbon-negative composite materials and components using natural recycled cork. ReCORK™ was launched as a natural wine cork recycling program in 2008 by Canadian footwear company SOLE™. ReCORK has established an extensive network of collection partners across North America, working together to recycle more than 130 million natural corks to date, becoming the largest program of its kind in North America, with an R&D team dedicated to innovation around the cork recycling process. ReCORK’s proprietary material, ReCORK™ Recycled Cork, redefines what’s possible using cork, offering a natural, sustainable, versatile alternative to foams and plastics derived from fossil fuels. ReCORK’s mission is to make petroleum-based foams and plastics obsolete. Learn about recycled cork at

About SOLE
SOLE™ is a Canadian footwear brand, founded in Vancouver in 2001 and creator of the original custom moldable footbed. SOLE’s mission is to help people live active, pain-free lives while having the least possible impact on the planet. SOLE’s award-winning footbeds are the consumer’s choice for supportive insoles, reducing pain and fatigue in the feet of millions. Building on the success of footbeds, SOLE launched into footwear that is great for your feet and gentle on the earth. SOLE strongly believes that we have a responsibility to consider the impact our actions have on the environment, which is why they are blazing a trail for sustainability in footwear. From product design and development, to material sourcing and creation, SOLE  is committed to providing quality and comfort that doesn’t come at the cost of the planet. SOLE is an active member of 1% For The Planet, with a portion of every SOLE purchase supporting ReCORK's cork recycling initiative. Learn about custom insoles at



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