CIO Leadership: HMG Strategy’s Hunter Muller Opines on What Went Wrong at Silicon Valley Bank – and How to Avoid Similar Scenarios in the Future

WESTPORT, Conn., March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HMG Strategy, the World’s #1 digital platform for enabling technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world, has just published fresh insights from Founder and CEO Hunter Muller analyzing what led to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse along with steps that can be taken to avoid similar financial crises in the future.

In the article, published on March 14, Muller points to the inherent risks for banks that focus too narrowly on specialized markets such as tech startups and VCs and why a broader investment strategy is needed in today’s global economy.

“The SVB situation speaks less about the health of the financial system than it does about the downside of placing too many bets on a single aspect of the multi-faceted global economy,” says Muller, whose company HMG Strategy is a ‘super-connector’ for building strong global relationships and partnerships. The Silicon Valley Bank crisis “affirms my deep and sincere belief in the amazing power of relationships across markets, regions and industrial sectors.”

The article also highlights comments made by U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on HSBC’s takeover of SVB UK and how this demonstrates powerful leadership along with the need to take a global perspective. Muller also touches on the support of Silicon Valley Bank offered by 300+ venture capital firms, including HMG partners GTM Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures.

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Hunter Muller’s article on the SVB crisis can also be found on HMG Strategy’s LinkedIn page.

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