GroupSolver ushers new era in online survey research with its breakthrough QuantQual™ solution

SAN DIEGO, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GroupSolver, Inc., an intelligent market research survey platform, has launched their latest online survey innovation: QuantQual™. For years, the customer insights industry has struggled to effectively combine qualitative and quantitative research into one harmonious process to take advantage of the benefits both methods offer. Even industry standard bearers like Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey have not been able to offer a solution that effectively combines these two research approaches. GroupSolver is the first platform to offer its customers a seamless and scalable solution to truly understand the voice of their customer and its direct impact on critical business metrics such as NPS or CSAT scores.

“The beauty of our QuantQual™ approach is that it instantly and statistically connects customer answers from any qual question with any quant data collected in an online survey,” says Rasto Ivanic, GroupSolver’s CEO. “We solve a big frustration of managers who wonder why their KPIs have changed.”

QuantQual™ directly connects the what to the why by estimating the impact that open-ended answers, such as consumer perceptions and attitudes, have on quantitative performance indicators that businesses care about. This innovative technology makes it fast and easy to identify the most differentiating consumer feedback and its impact on a business.

“What makes this breakthrough approach possible,” continued Ivanic, “is GroupSolver’s innovation to open-ended questions. Our platform captures individual consumer voices in a conversational style survey and then dynamically adjusts the survey to further validate those key ideas crowdsourced by the consumers. QuantQual™ is the bridge that overcomes the limitations of quantitative or qualitative research when they stand alone.”

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About GroupSolver: GroupSolver is an intelligent research platform that empowers companies to remain curious and continuously ask and answer the question of, “Why?” to inform important business questions. Backed by their AI Open-End™ technology, the company humanizes the survey experience and empowers researchers to crowdsource and analyze qualitative data at scale. GroupSolver serves as a thought partner to help make informed business decisions by quickly and effectively uncovering the story the data is telling.

Contact: Balbina De La Garza, Head of Ops & Marketing