BrightHR: Is your business compliant? If not, you could face some hefty fines.

Toronto, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Not everyone is an employment relations expert. But when you own or manage a business, staying up to date with the latest rules and regulations is essential. If not, you could face hefty fines that will set you back and damage the business reputation. And in 2022, the stakes got a whole lot higher making it more important than ever before to ensure all businesses are compliant.

Global HR software firm BrightHR, crunched the numbers from over one million employees to reveal the two key areas which SMBs need to ensure are up to date to prevent and detect violations of rules, and protect them from fines and lawsuits.These are:

  • Health and safety 
  • Employment contracts

Ramsey Aburaneh, Head of Digital Growth at BrightHR Canada says, “Canada’s new Working for Workers Act 2022 brought in the highest possible health & safety fines the country has ever seen. Under this new law, penalties will increase from $100,000 to $1.5 million! This demonstrates just how important it is for SMBs to get their health & safety management in order, and the risks that could arise if they don’t.

“Documentation is key. Having clear records and knowing what tasks need to be completed and when, to identify and manage potential hazards, and record workplace injuries and illnesses is vital, especially given the financial risks that have been introduced under this new law. Having an all-in-one smart HR app to manage all your health & safety can greatly benefit your business and mostly importantly, save you time and money.

“Another important component to ensuring your business is compliant is employment contracts. It’s great to see they were front and center for many SMBs last year, being the most accessed document from the BrightHR library last year.

“Well-written employment contracts are essential for businesses but, if not done properly, may expose your business to legal claims. Having important documentation handy and ensuring all documentation and policies are up to date takes away the stress and worry that can come with running a business.

“With many legislative changes expected this year, from minimum wage increases in some provinces to higher payroll deductions, new rules for operating trucks and buses, and changes to the minimum age requirements for hazardous work in BC, it’s never been more important for SMBs to get their documentation correct, remain compliant and avoid any financial or legal fines.

“At BrightHR, we know that business owners are not employment relation experts. They are experts in what they do best - running their business. Building a strong a foundation will help ensure that businesses are protected and set up for success.”


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