Global Survey of Search Practitioners Reveals Challenges and Trends in Accelerating Search Relevance

  • 100% of survey respondents ranked search relevance as ‘Highly Important’
  • 96% of search practitioners said it is difficult to deliver relevant search
  • Delivering search relevance faster is the highest priority for search practitioners

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucidworks, the leading search solutions provider, shared results from a survey of search practitioners that outlines priorities, challenges, and future planning around search performance. The survey revealed that accelerating search relevance is the highest priority for practitioners but challenging to implement. The report includes valuable information about the current state of search and how organizations can prepare for the future.

Accelerating effective search relevance is crucial in today’s customer and employee shopping and informational search experience. 100% of survey respondents ranked search relevance as ‘Highly Important’, while 96% said it is difficult to deliver. The challenges of delivering relevant searches included too many stakeholders, extensive signal data to collect, and other miscellaneous factors that influence search results.

“Clearly, the priority of respondents is to increase the delivery of search relevance. But that is difficult for many reasons,” said Peter Curran, Chief Revenue Officer, Lucidworks. “The promise of new and better technology—like AI and machine learning—combined with impactful models and real-time data offers the ability to deliver a better search and browse experience in an accelerated way.”

Respondents ranked the importance of three options for delivering relevant search results:

  • #1: Delivering search relevance faster
  • #2: Delivering search relevance more easily for teams
  • #3: Delivering more effective search relevance for users

In a highly competitive and fast-paced market, delivering accurate and relevant search results greatly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as employee efficiency and productivity. 76% of respondents view relevant search delivery as being more important in the future and practitioners are looking to artificial intelligence and other new technologies to accelerate relevance.

Download a free copy of the report here to learn more about how search practitioners are preparing for the future of better browse and search experiences.

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