Green Builder Media Announces Launch of ESG for Building

A working group of more than 75 industry experts is preparing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework specifically designed for the home building industry.

Lake City, Colo., March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founded by Green Builder Media, Housing Innovation Alliance, and a wide spectrum of stakeholders, the ESG Working Group formed in 2022 to create a roadmap for developing and implementing an ESG framework for North American housing. The framework is called ESG for Building. It will be available for free download by the close of 2023. 

ESG for Building is being specifically written to address the requirements of the building industry. It allows reporting organizations to share–based on certain protocols and metrics–the results of actions they have taken to improve the environment, society, their organization, and their stakeholders. 

The Working Group will initially focus on new residential construction in the United States–from new construction of single-family homes to low-rise multifamily buildings and everything in between. The resulting framework is intended to influence standards in the future. 

“I’m inspired by the progress that the ESG for Building working group is making. Many of the industry’s brightest minds have come together to develop ESG best practices and defining principles that are specifically targeted towards the housing sector,” says Green Builder CEO Sara Gutterman. “The breadth of representation is impressive, and the body of work that we’re creating will no doubt be profound.”

ESG for Building creates the opportunity to establish best-in-class business standards to improve long-term business resiliency, qualify for sustainably focused investments and grants, and establish a company as a responsible operator in the eyes of employees, business partners, and consumers. Current derivations of ESG are not designed specifically for builders and do not capture the substance or nuance required to enable builders and other stakeholders to have faith in what the results mean. 

"Homebuilders' and community developers' hearts are in the right place—wanting to do well by doing good,” says Betsy Scott, Executive Director, Programs + Engagement, Housing Innovation Alliance. “A housing-specific ESG platform will help ensure money and mind space are spent in the right ways—delivering optimal results for people and the planet, while enabling greater resiliency in the housing business."

ESG for Building will be available for download in late 2023. Click here to sign up for email notification on ESG updates and to download the final ESG for Building framework. Visit the ESG for Building site to get up to speed on news and relevant blogs. 

For more information, contact Victoria Muharsky.

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