Credent Wealth Management announces 2 new merger deals

Advisors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and River Falls, Wisconsin, capitalize on Credent’s unmatched partnership opportunity

Auburn, Ind., March 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Credent Wealth Management announces Tracy Miller of Miller Private Wealth and Mike Pepin of TruNorth Financial as the newest partners to join the firm. With Miller and Pepin joining Credent, the firm expands its offerings to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and adds to an already successful office in River Falls, Wisconsin. Advisors like Miller and Pepin interested in capturing the wealth creation opportunity of a 5-9x valuation while providing the highest level of service, planning, and investments can participate in Credent’s equity partnership.  

Credent’s integrator model allows for cooperative, custom transitions. Whether planning for retirement or looking to expedite growth, advisors are assured that Credent will manage operations and apply a proven process to elevate the client experience. Miller and Pepin capitalized on Credent’s ability to strengthen their businesses, improve their client experience, and offer valuable succession plans.  

Miller, of Miller Private Wealth, joined the Credent team in early February 2023. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Consultant® with over three decades of experience. Now a part of Credent, Miller emphasizes that clients have the support of Credent’s “forever firm” approach, which utilizes a team structure and centralized operations to serve clients indefinitely. She carefully considered her transition, knowing the gravity of trust and commitment in a financial partnership. 

“People work hard, earn money, and save it,” Miller says, “but unless they invest it and have the confidence that they can trust someone with their money to help make it grow, then they don’t get what they could have.” 

Pepin, of TruNorth Financial, joined Credent in mid-February 2023. He holds a Certified Wealth Strategist® credential and has served the River Falls community for over 15 years. To enhance his practice, Pepin noted that he needed the support of an experienced team. Credent was well equipped and had a local presence, allowing Pepin to combine with their existing infrastructure and community relationships. Credent’s dedicated advisor onboarding team also assisted with a straightforward transition.

“Credent was very transparent about what was going to happen, what they were looking for, how a partnership would work,” Pepin says. “There was no ambiguity. Everyone was willing to answer my questions at any time. They were very careful about making sure that this was going to work for both of us. It was going to be a win-win.”

David Hefty, CEO of Credent Wealth Management, added, “We are thrilled to have Tracy Miller and Mike Pepin as part of the Credent team. Many advisors spend their career building a firm they are proud of, only to watch it slip away when they retire. The integrations of Mike and Tracy’s firms mark five successful mergers within an eight-month span for Credent Wealth Management. Credent’s partnership offer suits advisors like Tracy and Mike who are eager to maximize the value of their firm, feel confident about their eventual retirement, and transition with a flexible deal structure.”

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ABOUT: Credent Wealth Management offers a broad range of financial management planning and advisory services built on a client-focused model. Credent believes that all Americans should have access to independent and affordable advice, and the company’s fiduciary obligation is always to the client. Credent believes in the power of partnership, supporting clients and advisors with a team of experienced professionals. The company continues to grow, focusing on an integrator model that offers economic and professional benefits to partners.

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