Tome Launches First Instant Document-to-Presentation Feature To Millions, Triples User Base Since February Series B

Tome becomes first productivity company to launch document-to-presentation functionality live in-product to millions of users

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tome, the AI-powered storytelling format that turns your ideas into compelling narratives, today announced a new, first-to-market document-to-presentation feature powered by GPT-4 that enables users to take an existing text-based document and instantly transform it into a synthesized, AI-generated presentation, story, or narrative. Tome is the first company to launch document-to-presentation functionality, and it's now available to Tome’s millions of users for free. The feature will soon also generate bespoke or sourced images, as well as transform other types of information and content, such as web links, into a tome.

Tome became the fastest productivity company ever to reach one million users in February, and raised a $43 million Series B the same month. The company’s growth has since accelerated, tripling to three million users in the past month. Tome launched publicly in September 2022 and has cemented itself as the go-to productivity tool for every type of storyteller.

Tome’s innovative document-to-presentation feature ingests and understands entire documents before parsing them into intelligent narratives complete with pagination and layouts, structure, headers, and refined page content. Tome’s feature, which can process text documents up to 25 pages long, stands apart from other products, which simply paste content onto slides. For example, if a professional leaves the key points in a strategic plan at the end of a document, Tome recognizes the significance of those points and features them accordingly.

It’s the latest example of Tome becoming an increasingly versatile, collaborative AI partner that supports every stage of creation – from ideation, to information retrieval, concept synthesis, polishing, and more. Tome’s new document-to-presentation feature is accessible through a reimagined command bar that unlocks Tome’s generative and creation tools through simple, intuitive keystrokes.

“Tome is the first truly AI-native format for storytelling,” said Keith Peiris, co-founder and CEO of Tome. “Our first-to-market document-to-presentation feature is the latest proof point of how Tome’s innovative tile system and tech stack are primed to quickly leverage any model and power entirely new ways to express ideas. Our rapidly growing creator base sees the benefits of using the first productivity tool of the AI era: Tome unlocks faster and more personalized utility for real work - all through a refreshing, intuitive creation experience.”

Tome’s document-to-presentation feature is powerful for enterprise-grade work, such as turning a strategy document or industry analysis into a presentation with a click, or summarizing user research findings for team distribution. This feature also supports solo work by digesting complex ideas, manifestos and source documents into crisp points. The feature can be used by educators for lesson plans, within companies for synthesizing information and strategy, and for personalized learning and discovery – for example, distilling historic speeches or iconic essays.

“Everyone can relate to the struggle of creating a draft or even just a rough idea and needing to translate it into a visual artifact. It's incredibly time-consuming, and the end result rarely comes out the way you envisioned it," said Henri Liriani, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Tome. “Tome’s document-to-presentation feature expands the usefulness of generative AI beyond simply replying to a prompt or proofreading a memo. Instead, Tome is a true thought partner that helps you hone your ideas, and for the first time, use AI to reverse engineer your own work.”

Soon, users will be able to turn any live artifact or website link – whether it be a research study, a shared document, source code or more – into a polished presentation. Users will also be able to generate images with AI or through relevant image libraries to complement their narratives, empowering them to work more efficiently, while also creating more visually persuasive results.

“AI is in the process of transforming every aspect of knowledge work, including how we share ideas,” said Reid Hoffman, partner at Greylock and Tome board member. “Tome is primed to be a major productivity disruptor because it has both invented a powerful new format that can wield any type of tool integration, as well as designed an electric creator experience. The tripling of Tome’s user base in the past month is a testament to its resonance with every type of storyteller.”

Narratives in Tome are brought to life through the company’s innovative, web-based format, which powers any type of live content on a fluid canvas that responsively fits any device. Tome’s underlying infrastructure lets the company seamlessly leverage any language model, like GPT-4, or any tool integration, to generate narratives with any type of content. The company builds proprietary engineering layers to create a natural user experience that eliminates the need to work across disparate tools.

Tome’s document-to-presentation functionality builds on the company’s growing range of generative AI features, which enable users to generate full visual narratives with intelligent layouts, copy and images, from a single typed prompt. Users can also specify output type and image style, add pages with complete content, as well as rewrite text or adjust its length and tone. Additional generative storytelling functionality, such as the ability to critique your work with AI and intelligently integrate your favorite workplace tools, are part of Tome’s robust AI-powered roadmap for transforming how we share ideas in work and in life.

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