Tutoring Website BestKru Celebrates Reaching 9000 Tutors In Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, March 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founded in 2014, BestKru is a private tutoring marketplace in Thailand that helps Thai tutors who specialise in a range of subjects, including music, sport, languages and academic topics, such as English, Chinese, maths and science, discover students in an easy, affordable and teacher-friendly way.

The website is celebrating reaching 9000 registered tutor profiles, including tutoring institutes, coaches, and private teachers who have expertise in over 90 different subject and skills categories, making BestKru the largest tutoring website of its kind in Thailand.

Chief Marketing Officer at BestKru, Kamonwan Achjanis, said, “Our mission at BestKru is to make education accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. We are thrilled to provide students with an array of options to choose from and help them find the right tutor for their specific needs.”

By offering students a vast selection of online tutors across such a large variety of subjects, BestKru enables both teachers and students to mutually benefit from its website’s convenient, user-friendly interface and ultimately helps create cost-effective and successful learning partnerships across Thailand.

“We understand that students have different learning styles, and the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. With more options on our website, we are making it easy for students to find the right tutor for their specific needs and achieve their academic goals,” continued Kamonwan.

Accessible Online Tutoring

From languages and school subjects to music skills and sports, BestKru gives students the opportunity to compare tutor profiles, see photos and videos, and read teaching reviews from other students before they select a tutor and contact them directly, free of charge.

Additionally, the website offers tutors of all different skill levels and experience the chance to sign up and create a public profile to find and engage with students across Thailand, as well as providing them with access to valuable tools and administrative resources to ensure the smooth running of their private teaching business.

Unlike other tutoring websites, BestKru’s unique tutor comparison tool helps make students search for the perfect teacher easier through its advanced search engine that prioritises specific keyword criteria.

Whether students are looking for a niche instrument to learn, want to train in a new sport or specialise at a specific level for a language class, BestKru’s advanced search engine gives prospective students the option to choose the subject, location, class level and teaching experience of their potential tutor.

BestKru’s dedication to making online tutoring accessible and convenient means that students can further benefit from an efficient website interface that ensures that enrolling with their selected tutor, scheduling and managing their classes is simple and achievable from their phone, laptop, or tablet.

With the site easy to use and navigate, students can comfortably receive affordable and high-quality tutoring that can aid them in high school entrance exams, university preparation, job interviews or if they are planning to travel abroad.

Furthermore, tutors, private teachers, coaches, and tutoring institutes can benefit from the exposure they will receive on their public profiles, gain valuable experience and strengthen their teaching skills by featuring on BestKru’s website.

About BestKru

BestKru is a one-on-one tutor search website that offers students a wide variety of private face-to-face tuition and online classes in a variety of school subjects, music skills, languages, and sports in over 90 different categories.

Students can browse a vast library of registered Thai tutors and, through the use of BestKru’s refined search engine tool, select the tutor that matches their desired skill level, experience, and expertise, by contacting them directly and free of charge to organise prospective lessons, payment options and convenient teaching times.

More information

To find out more about BestKru and to view its 9000 registered tutor profiles, including tutoring institutes, coaches, and private teachers who have expertise in over 90 different subject and skills categories, please visit the website at https://bestkru.com/.

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